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GTA IV not running at half cpu/gpu with icenhance


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Hi, i can understand this problem might occured before. But i can't seem to find a decent solution. Everytime i think i find something, people are refering to the memrestrict problem/solution while that's not my problem at all.


Let's start with system specs.

AMD Phenom II X4 955

2 x AMD Radeon HD 6850

8gb ddr3 running at 1333 (mainboard only allows 2 modules at 1600 not 4, confused.gif )





GTA IV stock (high settings, auto-configure):



Average FPS: 45.66

Duration: 37.28 sec

CPU Usage: 69%

System memory usage: 40%

Video memory usage: 41%


Graphics Settings

Video Mode: 1920 x 1080 (60 Hz)

Texture Quality: High

Texture Filter Quality: High

View Distance: 32

Detail Distance: 70



Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Service Pack 1

Video Adapter: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

Video Driver version:

Audio Adapter: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor


File ID: Benchmark.cli


It runs smooth-ish (some drops when turning or driving fast). Still only seems to use half my GPU.


Increasing graphics to max (texture: highest (exept view distance set to 50) has this result:"


Average FPS: 38.10

Duration: 37.14 sec

CPU Usage: 67%

System memory usage: 39%

Video memory usage: 48%



Settings to lowest (i just add it, no idea if its usefull information)


Average FPS: 64.58

Duration: 37.12 sec

CPU Usage: 61%

System memory usage: 40%

Video memory usage: 47%



So GTA IV runs well now, didn't used to but i guess i tweaked something down the line that actually helped. For such a poorly coded game i find 40 fps enough, specially when as good as maxed out.

Now comes the problem.


I installed "ultimate textures" i think it's called, about 4.5gb. (It supposed to be installed with RealizmIV 6.2 i think, but that gives crashes and errors). Game still runs fine, mayb some extra fps even!


Then i install iCEnhancer2_0Standard. Now a strange thing happens:


Average FPS: 18.78

Duration: 36.90 sec

CPU Usage: 44%

System memory usage: 41%

Video memory usage: 41%



So if my pc can't perform well enough to play icenhancer 2.0, then i use the low settings right.. hmm this result:


Average FPS: 18.93

Duration: 37.45 sec

CPU Usage: 45%

System memory usage: 41%

Video memory usage: 41%



So my question is, does anyone know what causes my pc to only perform at about 40% after installing icenhancer. I tried an other graphic mod, but got errors and crashes. And i really think icenhencer looks the best judging from youtube clips.

I just don't get what makes it perform at such low %. I mean, if it ran about 80% cpu/gpu then i should be able to get a decent 30 fps at least.

Anti-alias seems to increase performance a bit instead of lowering it, so i don't think thats the problem (but my knowledge is lacking).


I bought GTA IV for modding, since i already own the games on xbox 360 (and played them so many fckin times). So don't start with the just don't install icenhancer please, cause this looks like a small problem to me.. i just can't find what the problem is. Changed a few settings arround, but like i said knowledge is lacking so i just seem to screw things up and setting them back to original.

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Modding question/problem? Post in one of these forums




Anyway, ENB is very heavy so it's normal that you have a low framerate.

What you could try to do to increase it is to disable Crossfire so you only use 1 video card (with ánd without ENB, actually).

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Sorry for posting in wrong topic. Ill try it out without crossfire and see what happens. I'm a bit to drunk now, carnaval here in Holland, and im way to drunk and stoned. So ill give it a go tommorow.

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