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Finnaly happy joy joy


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So its taken 2 laptops 1 pc and a graphics card change but i can finnaly play gta without those annoying hangs. i needed to come here and tell you all!


Over the years i have tried multiple times to get this to run i got it wirking to an extent on my old laptop it was playable but nothing really to shout about.


i thought id share here the specs of my pc so you can get an idea if your looking to get one specificully with gta in mind.


its a i5 3 ghz

8gb ram running at 1600mhz

880watt maplin psu

Asus ati 6850cu ddr5 1gb voltage tweak

64bit windows 7 premium


everything is on high - very high settings and the sliders arent all the way up but currently the card is running at 760mb so you can probably put the detail distance up and number of cars. but i dont want to risk it as everythings running well and i dont wanna mess it up!



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