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Same problems with older and new installation


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Ok i am coming here after a long time, I only use vice city for playing vc-mp, anyways coming to my problem, few months back i had installed the mod which makes the textures HD, it was a compilation of various texture mods.


So what happened was after i installed it, everything worked fine except when i used to face printworks from the road infront of bank, the game used to get stuck and i had to press some key to return to desktop, this might sound weird but it wasnt only from bank area but if i am facing printworks from its nearby surrounding areas.


I thought the problem would be due to the mods i installed so i kinda ignored it as it didnt bother me more than 1 or 2 times. So last night i thought of fixing it by reinstalling vice city, but to my surprise

1) i cant start a new game or load an old saved game

2) i still have the same problem i had after i installed the mods


Measures tried:

1) Yes i tried deleting gta_vc.set file in user files in documents, i even deleted that whole folder.

2) I tried installing GTAVC in other drive and also on a pen drive.


The only thing left in my mind is to reinstall windows 7 but that seems too much just for a game.




Thanks in advance.

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It might be a CD problem. It happened with me too. Try deleting Rockstar Games folder from C:>Programs Files x86> Rockstar Games. The uninstallation doesn't removes the modded files! You need to uninstall it manually. It should work.

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