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So, as the title says you post any dialogue from any missions you find funny, impressive etc.


Simple rules to follow:

1. When you post a quote give the name of the mission, name of the mission designer and preferably the link to the mission. Here's a small simple code you can use, however you can use any other way you like as long as it has the mission name, designer name and quote:


From Mission name:
Quote here



2. All other forum rules. (No spamming, flaming etc etc)


Have fun quoting. biggrin.gif


(Sorry for not starting with a quote myself, can't remember any as of now.)

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Mission: The Scars

From: Kidnapped

By: Jimmy_Leppard



Guard: Are you on the guest list?

Alex: No. (hits the guard in the face)

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Mission: Start Of The Line

From: Denise's Stories

By: NothingSpecial (that's me)



Tenpenny: Well, well, well... what we've got here, boys?

Denise: What do you want from me, Ten Penises?!

Pulaski: How dare you say that to Offi-

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Mission: Black line

From: The Runaway

By: Jimmy_Leppard (Me biggrin.gif)


Jeff Parker (To Gordon Case): You know, I could torture you in 100 different ways and nobody would hear you scream. My patience has boundaries, so I highly suggest you to start talking, asshole.

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Mission: The Red Sweater

From: Grove4life: Kings of LS

By: ThaBoY (Me lol.gif )


Boss: Then it's time for fase one of operation alpha.

Agent: I thought it was called "Plan Alfa".

Boss: We don't pay you to think (kills the agent)



Btw, we only quote from our own missions mercie_blink.gif

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Mission: Forget about it!

From: Buysag

By: Guib (me)


Rick: sh*t, you're mad!!

Donnie: Hey, forget about it!!!

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We should keep this topic alive so I have no choice rather than to bump it.

Mission Name: I don't remember the name but it's a mission from S.A. Noire.

By: Alifjenius.

John: So... ? Where's the sky?

Sky: Sorry lads, I just came out from the toilet.

DYOM Player, Prepare for time travel

2 years ago

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Mission Name: Peace and Blood

From: The Chronicles of John Secronom

By: Secronom President


Vladimir : Time for some relax mission, John. After all, you deserve it.

John : What relax mission? Killing 100 guys with my fist?

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Mission name; The heist

From; The Heist

By: -S-hark21


Manager: Who are you?

Walter: I'm your hell!

and Walter Shoots the Manager

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Mission name: 1, 2, 3 Lets go!

From: Gangster 4 Life

By: TheXProyect


Shane: Johnny?! Help me!

Enemy: No one is going to save you.

Johnny: Saaay hello to my little friend!!!!



What can I say? I luv Scarface. die.gifsneaky2.gif

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