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GTA IV PC - Game Save Question


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Hey GTA-Forums Community,


I just downloaded Grand Theft Auto IV for my PC by purchasing it online via paypal. Working good but i had to change graphic settings because my graphic and video card is not good at all but it works. So, i already purchased the game for my xbox 360 at the release and i finished the game over 100 times and already to the 100%.


So here is the question:


Is it able to download a kind of "Save Data" and put it in to the Folder on XP - > Your Files > Rockstar Games > GTA IV > savegames ?


If you save the game, a file named (example): SGTA400 shows up in the folder. If you delete this file, the savegame is not longer available.


I had an idea of just downloading the savegame file to get 100%. I downloaded the game because of the random features like the Video Editor and the Self Music Radio. I want to play mulitplayer throught it. Its much better on PC than on a console.


So does anyone know where i can get a file like this ? A savegame file where somebody already played the game to the 100% or at least the storyline. If you have a PC and the Game and you finished it, just search the folder, upload the file and post it for me here please. This is not ILLEGAL. I would thank you a lot. Maybe it works. Lets try it out.

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