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[Q] About IV Vehicle Sounds


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Hello, May i ask how can i replace Rancher, Bobcat or Patriot with a Sound in GTA IV. I don't know what should i replace in STREAMED_VEHICLES.rpf.


there are files like these in STREAMED_VEHICLES.rpf file.



RIG_1 to 3

V_STYLE_1 to 4



Could Someone Tell me?


I have SparkIV and IVaud editor.


I'm was googling all the time but i still can't find how or what.



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Since no one ever helps anyone in these parts of the forums I'll explain how I did it.


The only way (as far as I know) to identify which IVAUD belongs to which car is to listen to the file. So far I've only changed one sound and it was for the Coquette. The name for it is FAST_3.ivaud.


Now, I wanted to use a custom engine sound for the Patriot (actually a monster truck in the mod IV:SA) so what I did was:

  • Exported the IVAUD from streamed_vehicles.rpf using Spark IV
  • Exported the WAV's using GTA IVAUD 1.1.5
  • Edited the WAV's (in Sony Vegas Pro 11 actually)
  • Imported the edited WAV into FAST_3.ivaud using GTA IVAUD 1.1.5
  • Imported the IVAUD into streamed_vehicles.rpf using Spark IV
  • And finally, in vehicles.ide I replaced the Patriots GAME NAME to Coquette - this is what does the trick
user posted image


It's important to save the WAV with the EXACT same sample rate, length and it must be in MONO (single-channel), or else the game will crash frequently.


I'm a novice modder so this is probably a dumb way of getting a custom engine sound to work, but it works! biggrin.gif You should note that all cars that use the said IVAUD will have the same engine sound. So I suggest that you find and modify a rarely used one.


EDIT: I came across this old tutorial. Might be worth reading even though it seems dated.

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Thanks for the reply, it works smile.gif


I've also have a Monster Truck mod, i am using Patriot engine sound.


I'll just get rid of editing ivaud files.

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