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The Glen Park Warriors

The Glen Park Warriors

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The Glen Park Warriors


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Guardian's of Glen Park


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» The year was 1981, a park in San Andreas was established. It was named after the settler of San Andreas, Thomas Glen, hence the name "Glen Park". After a few years of non-violence in Glen Park, it was only a matter of time that someone took the opportunity of making Glen Park a war-zone. His name was Sean McKnight, a 24 year old trouble maker from San Fierro who managed to make Glen Park, "violent central". This is his story.


After being raised by strict religious parents in San Fierro, he couldn't take it anymore so he did the next best thing, he ran way. Yes he did, he ran to Los Santos, where anybody who is representing for a certain city and/or street, that person gets either killed or jumped. Sean didn't care about the plaguing violence that was surrounding him, he did wat he had to do to survive. He started sleeping in a box in Glen Park, after waking up at noon as he always did, due to his alcohol problem, he decided to go for a little walk around the park. Not knowing that could have been his last walk, he got in the middle of a gang battle happening right at the park. With no one to help him, he had to defend himself so he fought with multiple gang members using his bare hands only, his courage inspired everybody who were residents in Glen Park to fight back as well using no weapons. From moment on, he was known as the Glen Park Warrior.


His fame was unbelievable, people gave him a place to live and some money. Then he was realizing that he was well-known in certain parts of San Andreas, he could start his own gang. He woke the next day to find strong, tough, and fearless men and women to join, by eight o clock at night on the same day, he already found over twenty people to join. An equal amount of men and women who were not afraid of a fight. Everybody was thinking of a name of a gang, but it was obvious that the gang was going to called The Glen Park Warriors. The gang became well known across the whole south side of Los Santos, and were beginning to expand towards northern Los Santos. From the year 1985 to 1991, the GPW were reigning over the entire Los Santos. That was until a gang who were known as The Ballas were gaining alot of power at a fast pace, attacking and gaining territories. They defeated the Grove Street Family, whom they were allies with and other gangs. Next thing you know, the Ballas had enough power to take on the GPW, a war that lasted a whole month and ended with a tragic murder.


Sean McKnight was killed during this conflict between the Warriors and the Ballas, in result of a drive-by that occurred in Glen Park, where it all started and ended. The Ballas won this war with a cheap shot and controlled the entire Los Santos. The Warriors had no leader and no more faith in the gang. Many of the members were either dead or in prison.


Sean Micheals McKnight

Jan. 8 1961- Nov. 22 1991


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After admitting defeat in '91, the GPW had no choice but to give up. One of the members of the GPW who's name is Lincoln Charlston also known as "The Link" was a feared member of the gang, who left San Andreas and went to Liberty City to live a different life but that wasn't working out so he did a few things. These "things" that he had done got him ten years in the Alderny State Correctional Facility and then another five years in 2005. Believe it or not, but while he was inside, he was planning not an escape but a resurrection of the GPW. He formed the gang once again in prison, making him prepared for San Andreas when he got out. In 2010 he was released along side with a few friends he made. He remained in Liberty City and continued running the GPW from an old warehouse in Bohan. He is just waiting for his moment to return to San Andreas and take back what was once theirs.


Link knew that running a San Andreas gang from Liberty City was not going to be easy, so he had to change the name to just regular "Warriors" until their triumphant return. He also manage to gain some territories in Liberty City just to get warmed up. Police have been trying to control the violence in Liberty City, but of course they failed and decided to give in which also mean that the GPW have the police in their pocket. Who knows what will happen next. The world will soon find out.





Glock 17

Micro SMG

Pump Action Shotgun

AK 47

Sniper Rifle



















Huntley Sport






NRG 900 (RR and F)

PCJ 600





user posted image


Joining will not be easy, its not just an "fill out an application and your in". I do apologize, but in order to join, you must prove to me that your are good with your fist-fighting, shooting, free-running, and driving. But I will leave an application below, and I'll set up an interview ans audition.


Also PM me your character history, scroll down for example.



Questions answers
What is your GTAF username Answer here
What is your PSN/XBL name Answer here
What Time-Zone are you in Answer here
What is your age Answer here
What are your skills Answer here
Any previous affiliations with other gangs Answer here
[tableb]QuestionsanswersWhat is your GTAF usernameAnswer hereWhat is your PSN/XBL nameAnswer hereWhat Time-Zone are you inAnswer hereWhat is your ageAnswer hereWhat are your skillsAnswer hereAny previous affiliations with other gangsAnswer here[/tableb]



----------Our Turf----------


user posted image


----------Known Hangouts----------


The Boulevard Warehouse- Is our main hangout. We do important meetings, practice our fighting and shooting, and where we will host events.


Middle Park- That is our playground. We make crazy parties there and practice our free-running as well. The Libertonian is not ours, but we still go in there when its closed to cause major mayhem.


Cerveza Heights- We are all over Cerveza Heights. We control all businesses and if there's a drug deal going on, it has to be approved by us. We do not control Meadow Park, but we hangout there.


Liberty State Pavilion Towers- A place where we do clan battles with fist, not guns. Also a place where we do our aerial attack practices.




---------- RANKS ----------



War Lord Dr-Mayhem111 Dr-Mayhem111
War Major
War Captain
War Lieutenant
War Sergeant
War Soldier



----------Member Information----------



Character NameLincoln Charleston aka The LinkPlaystation UsernameDr-Mayhem111StoryWas a feared member of the GPW in the mid eighties when they started, He was born November 3 1965 in Jefferson, San Andreas where his family quickly moved to Thomas Glen St. Glen St. was just a simple residential street where it was a safe place to be, no crimes occurred and police didn't need to provide security. When Link was 15 years old he became really distant towards his parents and began hanging out with rebellious kids from parts of Ganton, The Heights, and Seville Boulevard. His behavior became worse and worse, he dropped out of school and began selling drugs in Upper Jefferson making alot of money each day. Link was getting dangerous as well after picking up a gun and shoot someone at the age of 17, he then got arrested for possession of crack cocaine soon after an unresolved murder in Seville Boulevard that he caused. He was given 7 years but he was out in 3, when he got out he met Sean McKnight in what was recently known as Glen Park and formed the Glen Park Warriors. Character's imageuser posted image


This is The Link watching his fellow warriors being trained.


Edited by The Glen Park Warriors
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@xTBRxLeaderx Oh sorry I forgot to mention our platform, we are a Playstation3 gang.


@XxIrishBlizzardxX Thanks for the good luck we need it.

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Jake stop going on topics sayin hello lol.gif

Good Luck Mayhem icon14.gif


Hows your Fight Club doing?

The Fight Club has been going a little slow but I'm planning on making it better now that I have high speed internet and a new mic.


@Jake Brarman Hello.

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good luck from outlaw riders mc

Thank you very much, and good luck to the MC.

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Mayhem is this your gang or what.If it is we should come together and make driends and also can you put me on gta news please,my gang need some help wt recruting

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