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Can't find Lance's mission marker

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Hey, im currently doing the lance missions but have ran into some trouble, i have the mansion and completed the cop missions but the V mark is on the mansion where i am but i cannot find the marker, i have looked everywhere to find it but cannot see anything


Thanks again


Ben^^ colgate.gifcolgate.gif


Anyway i upgraded my sig

Edited by sniper1236

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There are no more missions, that V marks the location of the money generator.

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thanks so when is the next time i visit vance?

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What do you mean "visit"? He appears in a few more missions I think but he isn't the boss for more missions.

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If the mansion is generating cash then you have completed the "vercetti estate asset"-- to unlock the final missions (with Lance)-- you need to complete the other business assets missions/tasks that became available after you completed "shakedown" (the first mansion mission).....


You will unlock the final missions when you have---


1. Completed the mansion missions (it it generating cash).

2. Completed the Printworks missions (it is generating cash)

3. Completed any 5 of the remaining 7 business mission/assets (they are generating cash)-- the 5 are in addition to Printworks above.


When the above are completed--- you will get a phone call telling you to go back to printworks to start the first of the final missions.




PS.... this is a common question with this game due to the non linear way the missions play out in VC.


(FYI-- I'm being vague on purpose so as to not give away any spoilers)--

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