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Hey all,


Over the past few times I've been to this part of the site, I can't believe how talented the designers are around here. I'm new to this whole field of expertise so I decided to start practicing, after all, practice makes perfect!


However, I need a bit of help. I was just messing around earlier today and cutout this girl and pasted it onto this picture. How do I get her hair on the crown of her head to look a bit more realistic with actual curved lines? Would the path tool be of benefit or do I just need to be more precise with the scissors?



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I'm far from an expert, but I'd just soften the edges with some quite transparent airbrushs / smudges on top of her head.


Whenever you cut anything, remember to "feather" the image, I think it helps to make it smoother.


I'm clueless when it comes to "paths" , but I doubt it would solve very much.


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Moved to Visual Arts.
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You don't want the hair to be too flat as that would also look unrealistic, it should be a little uneven as that is how hair naturally is. Though that's normally more applied for photos, for vector images like the one your using it's acceptable to have the flat hair. The Path/Pen Tool is quite simple to use and in the case of hair where lots of curves are involved it will give the best result. If your not comfortable with this tool and how the curves work, then simply outline the top of her head, but click reguarly so that the "points" are very close together. Then, depending on what program your using, there will be an option to turn the path into a selection and you can just delete. It sounds more complicated than it actually is.


Alternatively you can just use a very thin eraser brush.

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