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Need Banners and Headers


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I'll make a new Gang One Day. Make a Logo, Arnold Scharzenegger as he appears on The Terminator, In Front of Alderney State Prison Door. I couldn't find a better Picture so The Arnold in this Picture, without the Background, Large Enough, if possible have a better quality for a resized picture, Up Middle Saying "Liberty City & Alderney State Terminators".


Make banners aswell saying: -History -Members -Targeted for Salvation (Allies) -Targeted for Termination (Enemies) -Turf -Vehicles


Also Enclude the stuff in "()"


For Turf: Turf should be like Add Legend on Lower Left side of the map picture: Dark Red 100% of control The Next one to be a little lighter, for 99%-85% Once agaoin anther one lighter, 84%-60% And now a little lighter 59%-40% And again, lighter Shade of Red 39%-20% and Light Red 19%-1% of Control, Turf is South Alderney , The Industrial part (The part with Jail) (100%), Middle Park Algonquin 80%, All a Block Below the Broker Bridge (40%), Southern Bohan (60%), and this part of Portland. (20%), I mean like in SA territory style, transparent. ALL words in Terminator Font and like in The Terminator Logo, same colours, Purple and Black.

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