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Thoughts on Multiplayer.

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How much customization do you want?  

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  1. 1. How much customization do you want?

    • Build-A-Player Workshop
    • Same as IV, with more options
    • Choose a Story Character (RDR-Style)

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Let me start this off, by saying I'm sorry if a topic similar to this has been posted before, I'm still fairly new to posting here, and haven't quite figured out how to utilize the search function to its full potential. sad.gif


As we all know, Grand Theft Auto IV officially introduced the multiplayer aspect to the GTA franchise. Rockstar allowed us to create a somewhat customizable Avatar for the modes that supported them. However, I'm sure that I wasn't the only one slightly disappointed with the lack of options in the 'Player Model' menu.


I want to be able to completely build my own character, from the ground up, for Online Play. There's just something about being able to tear apart wave after wave of police/gangs/peds/whatever using a character that resembles myself, that makes me happier than a bull in a china shop.

There should also be stores in the Free Roam, so we can purchase Clothes, Weapons/ammo (when we unlock them), other items that I can't think of right now.


Of course, If these things are going to lessen the experience of the SP Story/Gameplay, then by all means, forget it. I'd rather have an amazing Story and a IV style customization, than an okay story and all the things listed above.


For the sake of conversation, lets say that these things won't affect the Single Player in anyway whatsoever.

What do you think?

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When reading your post, it made me think of these flash games on the internet. Games where you can dress an imaginary girl. You can choose her pants, shirt, jacket etc etc.


Too gay for me. GTAIV was just fine in this department.

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I only play SAMP. IV has disappointed me. In most means.

I don't care about multiplayer at all. I tried IVMP and 'official' IV multiplayer on PS3, and I wasn't very pleased. So, I don't care. SAMP 4 ever.


All the kids that surrounded me had superheroes - superman, spiderman etc. Paul was my superhero.

Damn you, Carrera GT.

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I agree with you, but I don't see how purchasing clothes in MP can affect the SP progress.


By the way, you should've posted it here, in the Wishlist: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=471442

I was actually typing it up in the wishlist. I but since I found no topic like this one, I figured it would be a good topic to start. Get people talking about more things, as opposed to having 20 topics of the same exact thing littered throughout the first pages.


Thank you for not being a jerk about it though.

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If it can be done then sure, also adding on to the customization theme would be the ability for you to able to create or pimp your own car, and if it's destroyed then you can just use your mobile to phone for a new one.



If they let us choose between playing as characters from the story and past GTA's as well as being able to customize our own would be the perfect package. If they add the ability from RDR to Pick new characters and vehicles the higher your level then this should almost certainly be implemented.



Next would be the ability for levelling up in MP to mean something,you could unlock better weapons or just by them from a gun dealer, though if you bought them and you were killed you would lose them when you respawn, also add the ability to hijack other players vehicles as not being able to do that in IV pissed me off.



R* should also implement a free running system for V, just imagine the chases that could be had, Jumping through trees leaping from said trees to grab a helicopter's metal rails (I don't know the correct term for what the rails at the end of the helicopter are called) to hijacking the helicopter in question and raining hell fire down on the people or NPC's that were chasing you.



Perhaps the best thing that R* could put in MP to keep it fresh for everyone would be random events, similar to those in RDR below are a few examples.








These types of random events in MP would give each game a uniuqe feeling, just imagine.....




You are with you're friend in the middle of the woods when suddenly you run across a camp of illegal immigrants being raided by police, you could either intervene or stand by and watch. Just think about the tales you could tell "So me and carl were just pushing people in front of the trains at the station when another trailer derailed from its track and collieded with the one in fron of us"



It's things like that that would make V's multiplayer special.

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Agreed with the op, to a degree.


I'd like the option of having a fully built character and to play with him, but sometimes i'd also like to switch to a special skin or outfit.

So i'd go with both,

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I posted a topic about this where I gave my opinion on what should be done.


I proposed that there should be a pre-made character for the singleplayer, but for the multiplayer we should be able to customise our characters. Not only their appearance, but their driving/shooting abilities.


My thoughts can be found here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=498759&hl=

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