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Signature request.

Tracksuit Hitman

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Tracksuit Hitman

So, I'll make it brief, snappy, short, whatever you want to say about a shortened request. I'm not really that creative, which makes me bad at signatures, really, so I'll just give a few elements which I'll want, and then allow you to piece together everything else, regarding how it looks best. So, the only elements I ask to be definitely included, are:

  • Silvio Dante (from Sopranos) to be featured somewhere, somehow, however, in the signature.
  • The name, Matthew Zaffarano in text.
  • The family name, Marchese Crime Family in text.
  • In smaller text, the quote, "When I thought I was out, they pull me back in". {ONLY IF IT CAN FIT}
The text colours and fonts are what you choose, along with the background image, theme, etc. Just make sure it looks good, 'eh? cool.gif


Thanks in advance!

aka geobst

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