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Three logos


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Hey, what's up, dudes? I need a lil' favor to do. To be exact, three logos.


First, I need a logo containing the dirt background from Minecraft, and a writing in the Minecraft-styled font that says "Minecraft: Evan Johnson's Chronicles". Three lines: Minecraft on first, Evan Johnson's on second and Chronicles on third.


Second, I need a logo in a mysterious font that's saying "The Game". The must be in the little size, Game in big. Also, you can add some dark background, and some blood on letters.


And the last one, I need a logo of Bayside from San Andreas and a writing in fitting the theme font that says "The Flying Dutchman". Also, add The Flying Dutchman from the Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoon. You know, that green ghost.



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Three days bump. I need those ones badly, so please, can you make 'em? Thanks.
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Three more days passed. And, I don't need the logo "Evan Johnson's Chronicles" anymore, just the two after it.
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Thank you, man, those are really great, especially for "The Flying Dutchman". Thanks, once again.
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