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sa crash when adding a terrain


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Hi! I am trying to add a terrain to a total conversion of GTA SA. I have my project in 3ds max. Ok. So I make a plane, not to big, convert it to editable poly, then I go to paint deformation and I modify the plane to be like here:


user posted image


THEN I put a texture (GTA MATERIAL..., you know...), export it as a dff, make the col file, the txd file, insert them into gta3.img, rebuild the archive, place the object in game with MEd. I was followind the exact procedure as for my all other objects. But when I open the game it works and when the player approaches the plane (that terrain) the game crushes. What to do? I have tried to export the plane as a dff file after I have converted it to a editable mesh - did not work; editable patch - same problem; editable poly - also. I took a plane and fly with it far away from the area where the plane was. I was not so close to the plane. Ok. Then I turned back with the plane, fly with high speed and then I jumped from the plane, letting it go to the plane. Then I activated sa cam hack and using the NUM keys (you know, those from the right side of the keyboard), I was able to see exactly what was going on: the plane went through the plane.


I do not know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me to make a deformed and leveled terrain!!!

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First, upload your files. They tell a whole lot more than a paragraph of text. icon14.gif

Letting someone test the files will also allow them to find out what procedure fixes your problem. smile.gif


There is no need to use the paint modifier to make terrain, the best method for beginners (and people of all skills) is to make one polygon (two triangles) and use the shift key to create more and polygons.

Assuming you know what faces, edges, verts and polys are then an easy way to make some new land is to make a square plane (just 2 faces) and create more polygons by cloning edges.

This tutorial for modeling some random thing has a part that tells you how to make polygons by cloning an edge at "Step 4 Start the Modeling" (select an edge and hold shift while dragging it to make more polygons from that edge).


This is basically what happens when you do it:

user posted image

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