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How do I make a background transparent?


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Sorry if it's the wrong section ; how do I make a picture transparent,

I mean picture to match any Forum colour, example :

Not white background, but mathcing any colour, like this forums.


P.S. I use different skin.


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You need a decent image editing program (e.g. PS or GIMP) firstly. Maybe Paint.NET might do it too, I dunno. Anyway, you need to delete the stuff you want transparent and save the file as a filetype that supports transparency. The most common one's .png.


For example, my avatar's a .png file and the space around the face is transparent.

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There should be a tool called the 'Magic Wand' or quick select, whatever it's called in your software it looks like a stick. Use that and click in the area you want to make transparent. Assuming it's just a simple background like white, everything around the object should be selected, then just press delete. If it's a more complicated background this method won't work because it's based on matching colours in the background. If for example you want to cut somone out of a crowd of people, you'll have to use either the pen tool or lasso tool (this is based on Photoshop, might be different tools for you) to outline the area you want to delete.


And like Robinski said only certain file types support transparency, which are .GIF and .PNG but I would always use the latter.

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