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PS2 Repair help

Jules Verne

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Ok, I was given a SCPH-30001 PS2 awhile back and got around to taking it apart today. I hooked everything up and found that the disk drive refused to open so I took it apart and re-seated the tray and it started to work perfectly. After that I found that the system had the disk error problem and made a really bad grinding noise when loading disks. So after looking up guides online I fixed the grinding problem and attempted to fix the disk error problem. I took out the laser lens and cleaned it very carefully and put it back in however it seems to still not be working, but there is a light and the lens seems to be functioning properly. I did notice that while loading the (motor?) seems to have trouble spinning the disk (it stops and starts and seems slightly slower than it should when it is spinning) So I'm wondering what any of you guys more experienced with PS2 repair think. I am not sure if I need to replace the lens or if I need to replace the motor. Any help would be appreciated as I would like the get this system up and running as I like to collect older systems and since this is one of the first PS2 models and is around 12 years old I think it'd be great to see it running in mint condition again. Also does anyone know where I can find parts for this model as I only see parts for newer ones on ebay and etc. Thanks. icon14.gif

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Finn 7 five 11

I have an old PS2, i got my original (Early 2000 models) and it makes the grinding noise, and it also gets disc read error, i just reset the PS3 a number of times and the game works.

Is the game scratched? Might seem stupid to ask, but it could be.


Otherwise i am not sure how to help you, other than suggesting another unit.

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Typical GRINDING of an optical drive mechanics are caused by mis-aligned gears, if you do have to pull gears or align the tray, believe me, you have to be careful, not rushing in the process, even finding a way to mark gears will aid in alignments.

I've taken apart more then one Pioneer Laserdisc player for repairs, and everything is the same in a way, on a much larger scale. The gears typically reach an end, one way (in) or the other (ejected)

If your gears are not pulled, and you're aligning the tray, that's what you'd want to check conditionally... pushing the tray in equally on either side. Just being slightly off can cause a mis-alignment issue


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The disk drive not opening was very common on FAT PS2 systems and all original xbox systems then. Clean the gears.

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