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[PC] The Lost MC Liberty

- The Lost Brotherhood -

Recommended Posts

- The Lost Brotherhood -

We currently ARE recruiting.


Visit Our Website:



Join Us:

Application Form

Discord Invite


Check Out Our



Our Social Club:

Rockstar Social Club





It was 1964 when eight US marines met in Hanoi. They bonded over a love of hookers, horsepower, motorcycles, and eighty sixin' Charlie. The boys couldn't figure out what to do when the napalm ran out and it was time to haul ass out of the jungle. Until, that is, one of 'em had a the bright idea of startin' a motorcycle club. Thinkin' about all the brothers they'd sent home in bags, they called it The Lost.

. . .

Thousands of broken bikes, jealous old ladies, dirty needles, and pissed off limp-dick civilians later the Lost MC stands strong.

We've seen some hard times - Brothers turning snitch. Brothers getting killed. Brothers being taken down on bogus charges. But we're still here. We've cut out all the weekend warriors and checkbookers, we're strippin' our sh*t to pure kick-ass, die-for-The-Lost brothers. f*ck YEAH!!


In 2015, the brothers left their beloved Liberty city upon hearing the news their original Vice President, Johnny 'Vintage' Klebitz, had been murdered. After arriving in Los Santos for the funeral, they discovered the chapter had become weak due to their addiction to the drug 'toilet cleaner' - so much so it was being easily overrun by the locals on several occasions. The five originals from Liberty City made a pact to overhaul the Blaine county chapter in respect of the ol' Johnny they used to know, and declared Civil war.


After having all established the Lost MC Liberty in Blaine county over 2016 through the bloody civil war, the existing Blaine County chapter had all been but wiped out or given up. Now has become the time for our new Chapter president to rebuild this chapter from the ground up ...and so, the story continues.


. . .


The Lost Motorcycle Club was established as the Liberty Lost MC in Grand Theft Auto IV in the year 2010. At that time there were very few crews, who drove around in their shiny cars and flaunted their fancy suits.


But the vision of The Lost MC was much different – rather than take the easy road, The Lost MC aimed for a unique club, situated in areas in the game that were less trodden and difficult to navigate – the biker clothes were few and far between, and the motorcycles challenging to ride.


After the release of GTA V on console, the 5 remaining members of the PC crew in GTA IV waited patiently to move across in 2015, but by this time the membership was unfortunately cut down due to the lack of development in GTA from Rockstar. Once we arrived in GTA V in 2015, the crew once again grew.

After these 13 years of many memories, we still maintain our brotherhood and family ties. And we are waiting for new faces who want to join our family.






Sale Nights

- We regularly organize Sale Nights and Heist Nights for our members to earn money in-game.To help you make money


PVP and TDM Nights

- We regularly organize TDM and PvP nights to improve ourselves in Public Sessions and TDMs.To improve your survival skills in TDMs or Public Sessions


Movie Nights

- We enjoy popcorn & movies all together


Other Games

- We also play other popular games together.


Fight Club
- Brother vs. Brother. Weapons (or lack there of) are determined before the fight. The brawls are done in the clubhouse cage, in alleys outside bars, or on the rooftops of LC. Winner goes on.

Destruction Derby
- Straight forward. Can be done in two ways. One is the dirt ring in Broker, where the goal is to stall or flip the opposing players' cars. It can also be done at the docks, where the goal is to dump the opposing players' cars into the water (stalling or flipping still counts as well). Both games determine the winner by last man standing.

Bike Jousting
- Two brothers, two hogs, two sawed-off shotguns. Need I say more?

Official Game Modes
- The brothers can be found rocking the official game-mods, mostly Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Race.

Cat and Mouse
- Two waypoints are determined; a starting point and a rendezvous point. One player (the mouse) is given a slower vehicle and the rest (the cats) are given faster ones. The goal for the mouse is to get to the rendezvous before being stalled or flipped. The goal for the cats is to stop the mouse before it gets to the rendezvous. Weapons are not allowed, only ramming. The mouse is given a head start, which is determined based on the distance that must be covered and the types of vehicles the cats are using.

Cat and Mouse Race
- Just like cat and mouse but instead with 2 teams. Each team consists of 1 mouse and the rest are cats. The objective is to get your team's mouse across the finish line before the other team can. Mice are given a head start. No weapons. Can be done in free roam or using Race/GTA Race (with some limitations).

Run and Go Seek
- One player (the runner) is given 60 seconds to run away from the group (the seekers). The objective is for the seekers to then hunt down the runner. The runner cannot use any vehicles or weapons; just avoidance strategies and techniques. Seekers may use vehicles and weapons but no explosives. After the runner is killed and his time is noted he joins up with the seekers and a new player is selected as a runner. Whoever lasts the longest as the runner is the winner. This game requires a stopwatch/timer of course.













Edited by - The Lost Brotherhood -
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  • 11 years later...

Glad this is still here. Brothers for life! Lost Forever!

  • Like 2
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10/10, I would join the Lost again! 👌

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gnome child

Whattup dudes, it's Shiest Bubble from the EFLC w/ SNT days, lol. What ever happened to the old thread? In any case, I'm glad to see you guys still active for sure.

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- The Lost Brotherhood -
8 hours ago, gnome child said:

Whattup dudes, it's Shiest Bubble from the EFLC w/ SNT days, lol. What ever happened to the old thread? In any case, I'm glad to see you guys still active for sure.

Hey! The old thread is still active but it's in Gangs section. This is the public recruitment thread.

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