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Slow map rendering?


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Yesterday, I started to insert modded cars into the game. This increased my 'vehicles.img' file from 83MB to 282 MB which causes the slow map rendering. I know this is the issue because I inserted the original file and my game ran flawlessly.


Can someone please give me a solution on how to fix this? I really wanna keep my cars and keep adding more. sad.gif


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A. You don't have enough video memory for all the modded cars.

I think he does, I also have an HD 6950 and my vehicles.img got 300 MB while there weren't any problems besides the taxi bug turn.gif


But nonetheless, Yankees is right.

Post your problem here icon14.gif

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Are you using a traffic spawner? In my case, I only had the taxi bug when adding modded cars in, but after I put in a traffic spawner, texture loading problems commenced. I just resorted to using at traffic loader instead, and that fixed my problem.

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I have 2 ATI Radeon HD 6950's. I'm sure that's enough to run it, but then again, I'm not entirely sure.

My assumption was that you didn't but you do have enough. Next time however, list all your specs out.


Does this happen without modded cars?

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