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Ultimate Fix for all steam users


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Ive figured out a good mishmash of general stuff for GTA IV steam users to do to make the game quite playable, and still look good.


first off, right click GTA IV in your steam interface, then click properties.


When properties comes up, notice there's a button that says "Set Launch Options...", go ahead and click on that.


A small textbox should open up. here's what i reccomend you put in:


-width 1680 -height 1050 -availablevidmem -novblank -norestrictions -memrestrict


put all of these things into that textbox, and press okay.


Secondly Go ahead and download this program called game booster 3.2.




This Program can and WILL speed up your video games. it works on everything, even if not just for your GTA IV, even so, i highly reccomend it.


Now go ahead and Patch to either or Whatever tickles your fancy. i prefer Patch.


Now go ahead and launch.


(Note:playing in offline mode will increase performance.)


the first thing you do before playing, is Clip Capture. Turn that off.


Now here's the Important part, our settings.


This is what you should have.


Graphics Settings

Video Mode: 1024 x 600 (60 Hz)

Texture Quality: Low

Shadow Quality: Low

Reflection Resolution: Low

Water Quality: Low

Texture Filter Quality: Anisotropic x2

Night Shadows: Off

View Distance: 10

Detail Distance: 31


Your view distance is important, seeing how it does take up memory useage, and your video mode should be set to that, if your computer cant handle it.


Keep in mind that this is all done on a laptop, and ive made this essentally playable for myself, anything better like a Desktop or something that can take a bit more punishment can liven up the scene by pushing video mode to Maximum.


With everything in Place, and game booster running in the background while GTA IV is playing, your game should look pretty good, while the FPS and Performance will be sexy for you. Perhaps it'll even give you a back massage.


This is what ive found that works for me, i assume this will be able to assist steam users, perhaps other PC users if the commands that i've put in are made into a Commandline.


Anyways, enjoy this nice little fix ive made for everyone.


(I prefer to play with video settings to the lowest, as it still looks good with what i've put in, and plays at what i would assume a 40-50FPS anywhere. 60 for indoors.)



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There are no ultimate nor universal GTAIV fixes. Everything is system based, things that work one some systems won't work (maybe even at all) on other systems.


Yout commandline suggestion is both erroneous and very system specific:

- most systems do not run on that resolution and forcing resolutions above supported ones will possibly lead to crashes and definitively to unpredictable behavior

- alvailablevidmem switch expects a parameter which you haven't supplied

- norestrictions and memrestrict usually shouldn't be mixed


For more information on commandline usage look here http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=458859


The game booster application is very system specific and no, on healthy, clean systems it will not improve performance. If you want to speed up your system overall, learn to manage it. The last time I ran game booster, it caused graphics glitches on some games which were "fixed" only after I reinstalled the OS. Just an example, not an actual proof of anything.


For best performance, patch 4 is usually recommended. If you intend to play in offline mode anyway, xliveless can maybe speed up things a little bit on slower systems.

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