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GTA 2 Car Garage and Safehouse

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Hi guys, i was looking for clues to make my own safehouse with the ability to store cars in a garage, is possible to do it(GTA 2)? If it is, it is very hard to do it? I also wanted to be able to pull cars with the truck cab on the road to drag them to the cranes? I'd like to know it please!



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Declares a 'counter' variable & sets it to the default value for counters, 0. A SAVED_COUNTER differs from a regular counter in that it gets 'stored' & restored in a savegame. Its value at the time of saving will be restored when a savegame is loaded. All your important mission status flags, all important 'number of missions done' counters etc should be SAVED_COUNTERs. At the moment, there is a maximum of 300 SAVED_COUNTERs - this isn't a limit on the number of COUNTERs you can have!

It's possible but no one has done it yet. Adding it to Industrial (3rd level) should be easy (for someone who already knows GTA2 script) but it will be difficult for Downtown and Residential because the mis files have not been released. There is a script decompiler but since it doesn't decompile IF statements, it would stop the Downtown/Residential missions from working. All the parked cars and gangs would work as normal.

Edited by Sektor

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Well, so how shall i do it for dummies? Which program should i use?

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Well i've been looking for some modding programs(i didn't understand how Gta2 Editor worked, the oficial by DMA Design, now Rockstar North), so i've been looking for Epic Map Editor, but i still don't get it. What do you use for modding, can you recommend me(got any tutorial btw)please?




Edit: So far, i've made Home zone with Epic Map Editor, but on GTA Map Editor i edit blocks but i save and copy the gmp file(bil) to gta data folder but no changes appear, what to do?(Nevermind i had to Save Compressed)


The big problem now is scripting, which i don't know anything about it...

Edited by Malacuto

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I could do it. It would be easier to spawn every vehicle on the road or in the parking lot near the start. If you had that then you wouldn't even need a garage.

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Well that would be cool, but is possible to still add the garage feature anyway to get the feel that "i can't wreck my Furore GT", so i can't park it. It would be advisable that the car damages cleaned up when stored. Well anyways i'l give you many thanks for it. colgate.gif

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