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GTA3 Portable Questions


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Hello, i have been playing the GTA III app for iPhone on and off for about a month now. I think i have beaten all the missions, due to the fact that no icons signaling missions appear on my mini-map. The only symbols that come up is the one for my home, for the bomb shop, the car spraying place, and the gun shop. The bridge is not fixed, and i cannot take the train either. Did i finish all the missions yet? If i did, is there anything to do in order to get on to the next islands? Is it even possible to get to the next islands on the portable version? Please help! I cannot find any help on any other site! Thanks.

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Take a look here.


Just like him, I'm pretty sure you've at the point where you have finished Salvatore's missions and now you need to go to 8-Ball to start Bomb Da Base Act II.

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