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How to get to Sauton island/Shoreside vale


Recommended Posts

1. Get a taxi

2. Drive to that closed tunnel

3. Get to the roof of that tunnel with the taxi, In the middle

4. Drive into the water JUST before you get there get out of your car

5. Pan around to look for the long pathway (Which is the tunnel)

6. Run through

7. Keep an eye on the map, you can jump in shoreside vale or sauton island

8.b You can save at a safehouse and go there next times.


This may take a few times to do. Any help PM me or simply write a comment here although if u PM me ill reply 150% quicker smile.gif

Edited by dansgas1000
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  • 2 weeks later...

It has been knows for very long time, lad, this is a 10 Year Old Game!

It's even easier to do it with Banshee,

There are even more methods than this one.


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  • 3 months later...

How many methods are there in total?

Hers's what i,ve tried so far

1. Jumping from one girder of Portland Bridge to another on foot. I have not managed this one yet.

2. Use the car from Easy Pay & a cheat code to jump to Staunton.

3. Exploit the glitch at the tunnel as mentioned above.


I believe the subway station at Francis Airport on SSV is locked up to keep you out of SSV when you open Staunton.

There's a glitch in the platform area (at Francis): One time I was messing around on the roof of a van I drove through the subway & I ended up on the station ceiling in the underworld.

For the life of me I can't remember how I managed it or else i'd have liked to see if it could be exploited.

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  • 1 month later...

This game has been out for years, but thanks anyway. BTW there are lots of alternate ways of doing this too.

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Hahaha. First time I played GTA III I couldn't wait and use the CHITTYCHITTYBB cheat to fly with a Banshee through Callahan Bridge.

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I like this method the most:


The Audiophile Thread


XB271HU | TESORO Gram XS | Xtrfy MZ1 | Xbox Elite v2 | Hifiman Sundara | Fiio K9 Pro

i7 4790K 4.4 GHz | GTX 1080 Ti | 32 GB Crucial DDR3 | ADATA 256GB | Samsung 860 PRO 2TB

Xbox | Xbox 360 | Xbox Series X | PS2 | PS3 | Google Pixel 6 Pro

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ten (eleven?) ways to have Claude get to Staunton early


- have Claude jump across the north side of the gap of the broken Callahan

Bridge. Have him jump from most of the way down the second segment of the bent

red girder to the silver pipe.


- have Claude drive the Capital Autos Banshee onto the concrete above the

opening of the tunnel in northwest Portland and back up to the west edge. Use

the yellow divider lines of the road, and the line above that which represents a

crack in the concrete, to help you position the vehicle to be over the tunnel

that's underwater to the west below the cliff.


Have Claude back up further so the Banshee starts to topple from the cliff and

have him bail. Claude is temporarily non-solid so goes through the surface of

the water instead of it causing him to drown. He lands on top of the tunnel and

can run to a spot beneath Staunton or Shoreside, jump into the abyss, and be

teleported onto the ground above.


- have Claude back an Ambulance along the southern sidewalk of the same tunnel

in northwest Portland to the blue wall that blocks the entrance to the tunnel.

Have him get on top of the Ambulance and the upper part of his body goes through

the ceiling, which is non-solid from below but not on top. Have him jump up on-

to the roof of that ceiling and go over the roof of the tunnel as in the method



On PC, he may get stuck in the ceiling over the Ambulance--have him throw down

a Grenade and jump during the explosion to get unstuck and get onto the roof.

(You might give him invincibility for that with the Administrative Console so it

doesn't kill him.)


- right click the game folder, click "Properties," un-check the "read only"

dot, click "Apply," click to "Apply changes to this folder, subfolder and

files," click "OK," and click "OK." Give a vehicle a -1 under column I,

"nPercentSubmerged," in data > handling.cfg.


Have Claude use that vehicle to drive off one side of the broken Callahan

Bridge or Staunton-Shoreside Vale lift bridge. The vehicle drops into Blue Hell

for a couple of moments then appears on the other side of the bridge.


- have Claude teleport (such as with the Administrative Console)




- have Claude use the Flight Assistance of the Administrative Console


- use noclip (such as with the GTA 3 Mission Loader)



- use a vehicle spawner (such as with the GTA 3 Mission Loader) and spawn a




- use the chittychittybb code and have Claude fly a Police car across the gap

of the broken Callahan Bridge. You can add the CORNERSLIKEMAD code and press

Shift to make the vehicle do a Boost Jump to assist with this method and allow

you to use other vehicles.


- install a mod (like "Max Pain's Modded GTA 3 v.2") that provides a bridge

between Portland and Staunton


- if you've already had Claude get to Shoreside Vale and complete the vehicle

collection for the south Portland garage, have him get a Dodo from the garage.

(You could also use the Administrative Console to complete the Portland vehicle

collection quickly or use a vehicle spawner, such as with the GTA 3 Mission

Loader, and spawn a Dodo).


It might be possible to fly the Dodo (from the Callahan Bridge? from one of

the longer stretches of sidewalk along a coast?) from Portland to another is-



(From the main ReadMe file of "Glenster's 'GTA III' Starter Package")



Edited by glenster
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