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The Science Gets Done and We Build A Neat Gun

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No, seriously...


Well, this seems as if we're on the doorstep of Aperture Science

(or maybe Black Mesa? -that was a joke, haha fat chance):


Sandia Labs engineers create 'self-guided' bullet



In the laboratory, I'm able to make machines so incredibly small it kind of boggles my mind... Where we're headed, we're going to be limited only by our imagination.


Everybody thought it was too difficult to make things small enough... we came up with an innovative way around that to make it stupid and cheap and still pretty good.


Simply amazing.



So... is this another case of Life Imitates Art?







ps - forgive the pithy, witless references.


"I can just imagine him driving off the edge of a cliff like Thelma & Louise, playing his Q:13 mix at full volume, crying into a bottle." - Craig

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What's next? LEMONS? HA HA, and they say MOON ROCKS are hazardous! Sheesh.


That is pretty interesting, though. It would be extremely beneficial on the battlefield.

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I don't think we need to worry about a real life Aperture just yet, if that were true these guys would have set out trying to make a bathmat or something.


Never the less, pretty freaky stuff.

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contact lenses that would allow soldiers to focus simultaneously on virtual digital images and their surroundings


Now that sounds amazing technology. Kind of reminds me of the movies.

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Now auto-aimers have a legitamite reason to be in games.


This is so damn cool though. Like he said the fact that we can get things so small is revolutionary. I really can't wait to see technogy in the next 20 years, let alone what it will be like when I am 80.

I know it's cliche but look what games have done in 10 years. Battlefield 2 to 3, Gta 3 to IV, each of those games were about 10 years apart in a field that's not quite on the cutting edge and yet here we are.


I am really amazed by technology sometimes.


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