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Nationstates "GTA Forums" Regional Discussion

Recommended Posts



user posted image


Regional History


Aug 30 2011 - the region was founded by user posted image The 500.

Aug 31 2011 - the region's first WA members were accepted.

Sep 01 2011 - the first WA representative, Quadratic Form, was elected.

Oct 30 2011 - war was declared on user posted image Shaffey by The 500. The victor was uncertain, although Shaffey would later be banned from the region for offenses including but not limited to genocide, torture, and the state-sponsored rape by soldiers of innocent citizens. A multitude of promises to respect and conform to the rules of engagement and fairly treat all prisoners and citizens was enough to grant the nation admittance to the region once again.

Dec 20 2011 - WA delegate Quadratic Form was replaced by user posted image The Otter Archipelago.

Jan 15 2012 - WA delegate The Otter Archipelago was replaced by user posted image Tulija.

Feb 8 2012 - the decision was made, by popular vote, to elect a Regional Council.



Absolution NSTracker - National and Regional Statistics



NationPositionDutiesThe Republic of The 500Founder• Keeps region safe from invaders

• Handles most anonymous votes and polls

The Meritocratic Republic of TulijaWorld Assembly Delegate• Speaks and votes for the region in World Assembly matters

• Controls Regional Controls with the power to ban raiders and update the Factbook

The Empire of ArgfensteinMinister of Security• Nation with a powerful military force

• Enforcer/guardian of the region, helps settle conflicts between nations

• Assumes leading role in inter-regional wars or defenses against raids

The Kingdom of ZootopolisChief Whip• Ensures all nations adhere to regional rules and world law

• Makes sure that WA nations respect and adhere to WA legislation

• Ensures nations participate in the regional democratic process

*open*Director of Recruitment• In charge of recruiting other forum members to join the region

• In charge of scouting possible regional embassies/alliances

The Federal Republic of OkurkaMinister of Regional Affairs• Acts as a mediator to attempt peaceful settlements of inter-national political conflicts

• Works closely with Minister of Security

• Closely monitors nations with WMDs and controls their distribution

The Meritocratic Republic of TulijaMinister of Regional Trade and Exchange• Economic backbone of the region

• Attempts to settle trade disputes between regions

• Encourages free trade policies and set currency exchange rates



Our regional population is currently 44,066,000,000


Full Nation List | 53 Nations | Updated on 2/22/2012



Nation Name
The Republic of The 500 fireguy109 "500 - The People's Choice"
The Empire of Argfenstein coin-god "United under the Iron Cross" Click
The Holy Empire of Chunkleberry Chunk “Live long and prosper!” -
The Republic of Arkiasis TargetTango “Unitate, libertate, aequalitate”
The Queendom of Cloudina Kirsty “Peace and Prosperity” Click
The Federal Republic of Imperial Baguettes and Wine coolers baptiste “Plus de baguette!” -
The Republic of Booyahlandia TheCacti “What's that? Booyah! ”
The Dictatorship of Fegelein Hermanny Adler “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”
The Pole Barn Builders of Duncan-Construction Runey “I don't have a soundboard!” Click
The Republic of Neutral-ness freak2121 “Live Free or Don't.” Click
The Empire of Chuckovia Tchuck “Non Ducor, Duco”
The Republic of Moth-ra The General “Peace through minding your own business ” -
The United Kingdom of Santos Castillos ~Vic Vance~ “If you want something done right do it yourself! ” Click
The Federation of Amsterdon GTA_stu “We will either find a way, or make one” -
The Technocratic Autocracy of Subterannia Sivispacem “Obedience Through Suffering” -
The Meritocratic Republic of Tulija El Zilcho “To our Worthy, the World”
The Fun Land of Naufal - “Post-apocalyptic wasteland ftw.” -
The Eternal Kingdom of Shaffey Greenline “Growth, Honesty, Sacrifice” -
The Neutralness of Inoffensive Land Mealing “We have no strong feelings one way or the other”
The Aquatic Weasels of The Otter Archipelago Otter “When in doubt, swim”
The Grand Duchy of Ashfjord SIKK66 “All Glory to the Duke” -
The Republic of Cluckin Bell SmC12 “Cock-a-Doodle Do! ” -
The United Socialist States of Uopanapapa UNRATED69 “Live Hard or Die Free” -
The Rogue Nation of Cida Melo cidamelo “Only The Ones Who Dreams Can Reach It!!Together We Are!” -
The Empire of The Firemen Kwandilibro “You will bow before the firemen” -
The Iron Curtain of Socialism and Capitalism 1st gtaROCKER “Natural right of life, liberty, and property” -
The United States of Autosimcomputa GTA360 “Live with it or die from it.” -
The Kingdom of Zootopolis Pandazoot “Victoria per speculatio”
The Reasonably Priced Land of Cheap Electronics JayC “I have a really big robot dog” -
The Demonocracy of Anticristozia Typhus "Cruor, cruor, cruor" Click
The Holy Empire of Urinet mrpain “Just pissing in the wind”
The Democratic Republic of Anecta - “Samma-sati” -
The Republic of Bartaria Bartleby "For The Motherland, Anything."
The Republic of Domlyza - "An eye for an eye." -
The Armed Republic of Exophoria Blackout? "LOLPLANE" Click
The Oppressed Peoples of Figglepiddlestan sonnyBlack "Oppression Made This Nation A Saaaad Panda" -
The Kingdom of Goldistan Stefche "We are the 1%."
The Republic of Greater Captonia Captain VXR “Pass that spliff, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan” -
The Democratic Republic of John Secronom Secronom President "Everyone's future - today."
The United States of LeftDyke fgcarva1 “Work sets you free.”
The Free Land of Modder River dills "Good enough never is."
The Kingdom of Zirgavia GerryM “Stay kind whenever necessary” Click
The Principality of Zyonia Zyonig "Wisdom outweighs any wealth" Click
The Federal Republic of Okurka OdDsOcK "Per Asper Ad Astra" Click
The Corporate Republic of Renikov mr_ed “Dont think - consume.” -
The Holy Empire of Sebastinople Outcast "Roll one" -
The Borderlands of Solsys Skimask101 “You only die once. So make it count.” Click
The Federation of The Chap Islands something_else "Grow facial hair and prosper!"
The Kingdom of Van Den Bos - "You may fire when ready." -
The Federation of Vanillainy Vanilla Shake "Oh by the way, which one's Pink?"
The Republic of Lions Kinko. "We will sing as one in solidarity"
The Warhost of South Glesga Straznicy 'Mon then! Click
The Nomadic Peoples of Arfbargle ghost of delete key "Quis trolleriet ipsos trolleres?"
The Republic of Fantanastan Lethal Nizzle "Well, that's just great. You hear that, Ed? Bears."
The Republic of Enessji - "War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength" -
The Commonwealth of Katy-Perry Irviding "Katy Perry has bangin titties"

Table adapted from the original one created by goin-god.

Edited by fireguy109

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The Republic of the 500 wishes to know its fellow nations' opinions concerning which positions should be created and who should fill them.


Would a nomination system suffice?

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The Empire of Argfenstein believes that it's our duty as co-founders of the NationStates GTAForums Region to fill the position of Minister of Security.


We are looking into ways of computing Military efforts.

Argfenstein Military Stats


Edited by goin-god

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Ari Gold

The Kingdom of Goldistan would like to go all gung-ho and proclaim its self-nomination for the position of Minister of Regional Trade and Exchange. Our innumerable strengths include:


• An economy which has a current rating of 96/100,

• Has had a rating above 90/100 for more than 80% of our nation's existence,

• Our free-market and socially-liberal policies,

• An impressive tax rate of 7%,

• Our strong currency, the Gold, with one Gold equalling US$1.61 (as of 2:42am 10/02/2012 AEDT),

• A GDP of approximately US$19 trillion,

• A GDP per capita of US$34,908.81, approximately $18,000 more than the regional average,

• and An unemployment rate of 2.7%.


In the interests of strong intra-regional trade, and in the continual fostering of the growth of our nations' economies, it's imperative that the nation which serves such a role has a nigh-on perfect fiscal house of cards. We believe that our nation fits that description like a glove, to the point where we are confident enough to nominate ourselves for the position. With such noble and diverse endorsements, including Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Muammar Al-Qadhafi, Elmo and every single Elvis Presley impersonator along the Las Vegas strip, the choice should be easy.


We also make really, really good pancakes.


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The Federal Republic of Okurka would like to apply for the position of Minister of Regional Affairs, citing our safe and secular society.


It would also like to submit for cataloging its National Anthem.

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The Archipelago would like to see the positions finalized and ground rules laid before too many more nominations are presented.


We humbly submit these suggestions as a jumping off point. Obviously, the roles of Founder and WA delegate operate on an entirely different system.





- An eligible candidate must be a member of the WA. Not only does this give us a readymade set of rules in place to govern our region, but ensures that we see no puppet accounts in cabinet positions.


- An eligible candidate must have 2 WA endorsements and 3 nominations (three total, one of those can be your own nation)




- The votes shall be held over a finite period of days.


- In the event of a tie, the nominee with the most number of nominations will take the spot. A further tie will be determined by the nation's number of WA endorsements at the time the polls were opened. Finally, in the event of the deadlock, it will fall upon our WA delegate to choose a victor.


Length of term:


- Two month length of term after which the position must be resigned and reassigned. The seat may be retaken after the following election. This gives everyone a fair shake....unless:


Tenure, or extension of office:


- if no one is eligible or seeking to replace the seat by the time the election is called, the current seat will remain.


No confidence:


- A No Confidence vote from 50% of the region is required to remove someone from their seat before the end of their term. This is a bold move and not to be undertaken lightly - expect to provide a serious argument.



Thoughts, gentlemen? The goal of these rules is to ensure that the system is fun, clear, simple, open to everyone - and most of all, constantly remaining active, so things don't stagnate.


We must agree upon these rules and draft them into an unbreakable constitution before the elections begin - to give us steadfast rules to lead by and to protect us from corruption.



Charisma Nettlebaum

Social engineer and pancake philanderer

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The Federation of Amsterdon would like to give The Kingdom of Goldistan its full support in its run for office, for the position of Minister of Regional Trade and Exchange, and it receives Amsterdons nomination for this position. We feel they are a great candidate for this position and will serve the region well. We would also like to extend our thanks to Goldistan for its endorsement of Amsterdon in the WA. We hope our 2 nations can form a cooperative and long lasting relationship.


Even though we strongly opposed the formation of a cabinet, and still are wary as to the possible consequences, we nevertheless will cooperate in its running as it will be a key institution in this region and we feel that boycotting, or other such actions would not be beneficial for the region or for Amsterdon.

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El Zilcho

The Directorate isn't clear on the rules of holding two positions (they are not finalised yet), but the exceptional position of the Tulijan economy suggests it would massively beneficial to all for us to oversee economic growth and prosperity by taking on the role of Minister of Regional Trade and Exchange, in concurrence with our current Delegate leadership role. A more stable and growing base for the region to invest into would be hard found. It is our wish to encourage growth by spreading the riches with our allies and regional Brothers.


Evidence: http://www.broomdces.com/nseconomy/nations.php?nation=Tulija









96/100, although we were 97/100 until recent WA update (out of our control)

GDP of: U$ 42 Trillion

GDP per Capita: $45,000+

AE€ = $2.01 (strongest currency in GTA Region)

Tax of 7%

Unemployment of 2.67%

Social liberialism, free market and an economy which has been "Frightening" for about 60% of it's duration, with steady growth since the Progressive regime took over.


Michael Trevelyan - Directorate Treasurer and Minister of Finance

Edited by El Zilcho

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After reviewing the rules put forward by the Otter Archipelago, we have no qualms with any of the points put forward. However President Pandazoot has a few amendments he would like to put forward. President Pandazoot wishes that every two months, the first day of that month will be designated as the day of voting. Furthermore, the period of voting should last a maximum of five days. Finally President Pandazoot thinks it would be ideal if candidates had up until a week before an election to state their intention to run and can spend the next week stating their case.


Richard Long Secretary of Foreign Relations

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The Empire of Argfenstein believes that it's our duty as co-founders of the NationStates GTAForums Region to fill the position of Minister of Security.

The United States of LeftDyke also nominate The Empire of Argfenstein for the position of Minister of Security, however, LeftDyke believes that is is essential for such a region as GTAForums to have its own Security Council and not rely on the decision of one individual for all of the region's worries. A system of about 4-5 nations should be worked so that they may develop plans to keep the region safe. Each nation will have a specific job in the Security Council (Intelligence, Defense, Logistics, and etc.)

The Council will be chaired by the Minister, who will have the power to veto any security resolutions, unless overruled by the Founder and WA delegate of the region.


Ministers for Human Rights, the Director of Recruitment position should be changed to Minister of Foreign Affairs.



- A No Confidence vote from 50% of the region is required to remove someone from their seat before the end of their term.  This is a bold move and not to be undertaken lightly - expect to provide a serious argument.


I believe 51% would be better. icon14.gif

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The Republic of the 500 would like to endorse The Empire of Argfenstein as well, and agrees with the proposals made by the Aquatic Weasels of the Otter Archipelago. The creation of a security council is up to the elected Minister of Security and will require a vote as well.


Furthermore, the Office of Polls and Data of the 500 is currently undergoing renovations and its servers are being updated; expect the entire regional list to be up to date by this time tomorrow.


E: The Republic of the 500 is pleased to report that all of its files on its neighbors, including their slogans and pre-titles, are now up to date.

Edited by fireguy109

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In complete defiance of copyright protection laws, The Archipelago has finally commissioned licensed ...stolen a national anthem. Rejoice!




In regards to this cabinet business, when shall we consider the rules to be finalized? I was thinking something else as well - perhaps any given nation should only be allowed to nominate one nation per role. IE, no hedging your bets to placate allies or roadblock enemies. Thoughts?



Charisma Nettlebaum

Breast Man

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We believe that we should leave the rules up for another day or two for other nations to look over then if there are no disagreements then a senior nation such as The 500 or Tulija can declare them official. Other than the suggestions listed in our last correspondence, the Kingdom of Zootopolis is pleased with the rules and is prepared to move onto the Cabinet voting.


Richard Long Secretary of Foreign Relations


P.S. Our (very easy to sing) national anthem.




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All of Amsterdon has been in an uproar since yesterday when a car exploded in the middle of National area 1, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. This terrorist act was traced back to a violent minority group known as the Lilliputian Freedom Fighters. A group allegedly supported by an unfriendly regime, despising Amsterdon for its heathenish ways and political bent, but more particularly for supporting the recent occupation of their homeland by an ally.

This is an absolutely brutal and cowardly attack on our nation and its people, and we condemn the terrorist's barbarism. Our armed forces are at the highest level of alert, and we have closed our borders and air space to civilian traffic. Our war planes are already bombing the Lilliputian military infrastructure and its capital city in anticipation of a full scale invasion and occupation which shall commence in less than an hour.


We will also add that we have strong reason to believe that The Otter Archipelago played a role in assissting the people behind this attrocity. It came less than 24 hours after our acceptance into the WA; something the Otterans vocally and strongly opposed. We also don't need to remind the region of The Otter Archipelago's constant attempts to undermine this nation's position and power. The Federation of Amsterdon hereby announces that it is cutting all diplomatic and economic ties with The Aquatic Weasels of The Otter Archipelago, and we encourage other nations to follow suit.

Edited by GTA_stu

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After talks with the Supreme Leader of the great nation of The Federation of Amsterdon, we would like to announce that we will no longer remain indifferent to the cruelties of the Otter Archipelago and that we would also like to cut all economic and diplomatic ties as well as closing our borders to the citizens and politicians of The Aquatic Weasels of The Otter Archipelago.


Two recent events also helped justify this decision:

A)Attempting forced regime change. (threatening Authoritarian nations including Amsterdon) B)Condemning the scientific progress of another nation (The K9K9 weapon crisis).

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A Confederacy of Dunces! The Archipelago would actually be offended by these accusations if they weren't already so ridiculously absurd and patently false.


1 - The Archipelago, like any Nation worth its salt, stands in defiance of Despots, but has never once attempted to "force" anything. May I remind those present that the entire "conflict" between our nation and the petty "Supreme Leader" stems from a simple misunderstanding and a rather overblown reaction. Obviously a free nation will take offense to a ruthless government that slaughters people the instant they become homeless, and severs their citizen's feet.


2 - We stood with allies in our condemnation of the k9k9 "deathly rain" weapon. There is no practical military use for this weapon that does not result in unacceptable civilian losses.


We're sad to see you return to your evil ways, King Shaffey. We regret that your citizens will not able able to enjoy our fine Otterian Soda or stroll our gorgeous 100 mile beach for the time being. Perhaps there is hope that we can settle this beef before it festers any further.


We are sickened and extend our deepest sympathies to the victims of this latest cowardly attack by the Liliputians. If the region recalls, the Archipelago is no friend to this terrorist organization and condemns each new heinous plot they devise. Whatever our political differences with Amsterdon, we surely stand united in condemning this vile group.


The Archipelago is sad to say that Amsterdon's attempt to pin this this on their most convenient and vocal opponent comes too soon after their purchase of the contemptible Deathly Rain weapon and we call on the international community to help mediate this situation. The Archipelago feels the Supreme Leader is itching to test out his new toy and that we, for pointing out the obvious faults in his government, are the most likely target for his aggression.


In addition to this, we regret to say that the Archipelago's space based defense platform has intercepted "fishing boats" dangerously close to our automated fleets. We will protect our borders aggressively - and with finality - should we be provoked.


Finally, on a personal note, I feel we should address the absence of Sir Nettlebaum. He has taken quite ill - strange symptoms probably the result of an exotic STI, if we know our boy - and he's recovering in his hometown, the small hamlet of Fin Soup on the northern coast of the island of Phillips Extinction Ale. We wish him a speedy recovery.


Signed directly,

Former Rock Legend Zoey Flanders

Representative of the Otterian Senate

Edited by Otter

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An excerpt from the latest edition of the Zootopolis Times...



Earlier today in a press conference inside St Bretton's Hall, Press Secretary Claudia Jean made a few statements about various domestic issues affecting Zootese people. Finally she moved onto the issue of recent events surrounding the nations of Amsterdon and Shaffey where they ceased all relations between themselves and The Otter Archipelago. Jean had this to say,


"Finally, the President would like to make it clear that he does not wish to intervene in the country's affairs and will let them settle this as they see fit."


When asked if the President approves of the moves by Amsterdon and Shaffey, Jean responded by saying


"No, he President does not approve of it and thinks that Amsterdon and Shaffey should be working with The Archipelago for the better of the region.".


One plucky journalist from another (and inferior) Zootese newspaper then challenged Jean and asked if the President was not contradicting himself given the recent ceasing of relations between Zootopolis and Shaffey to which Jean swiftly responded with


"Well, I believe the President had a good reason to end relations with Shaffey given that President Shaffey ordered a good friend of mine to be killed then proceeded to rub our noses in it despite our best intentions to try and bring peace between us and Shaffey. Look at Amsterdon, we sympathise with the losses they recently suffered at the hands of the Lilliputian, but to put some of the blame on The Archipelago with no evidence that the Archipelago had any involvement in the terrorist attack is over the top and quite stupid. Shaffey on the other hand appears to be jumping on to some kind of bandwagon in order to get some glory."

Edited by Pandazoot

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The Federation of Amsterdon proudly announces that it is close to victory in the Amsterdonian-Liliputian war. Their air defences have been disabled, and their navy has been crushed. We are a mere 20 Kilometers from their Capital, and have captured their leader who shall be subject to a swift, yet fair trial. If found guilty of sponsoring the terrorist atrrocity he will be publicly hanged and his body placed on display as a warning to our enemies. We can confirm we have used the K9K9 weapon in certain controlled cases, and there has been no civilian loss of life due to the use of it. Other than that we refuse to reveal more details on the weapon.


So far our investigations are on going in regards to whether or not The Otter Archipelago has had involvement in the barbaric attack on our nation. We will provide updates on the situation as and when we discover information. Recent developments have only furthered our belief that you are an untrustworthy nation, and that your policy is one of interferring in countries internal affairs.


We would like to extend our thanks to the Kingdom of Zootopolis at their expression of sympathy in this tragic time for Amsterdon. We also respect their policy of allowing Sovereign nations to determine how they run their country, and not try to force unwanted changes upon them. This is a quality we respect, and we hope our 2 nations can build ties. We also recognise their concern regarding the relations of Amsterdon and the Otter Archipelago, however we feel at this time there is no possibility of improving the diplomatic situation, unless the Archipelago ceases its constant attempt to meddle in our nation's affairs.

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The United States of LeftDyke will remain neutral in this conflict, the nation's main priorities are regional development, something that is not possible unless all nations are at peace. LeftDyke will stand with the regional government when necessary to end all threats to the region.

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National Spokesperson Found Dead

Beloved mouthpiece of the Archipelago succumbs to mysterious toxin




The nation is in mourning tonight after it was announced by the Senate that Charisma Nettlebaum was found dead by three Bigtopian escorts who were apparently hired to entertain the national hero. 

'It's too early to jump to any assumptions,' says Clerg McDerboot, a local coroner, 'but the compounds we've discovered in Mr. Nettlebaum's blood stream are entirely alien to this laboratory.'  The lab was unavailable for further comment, citing an unrelated security breach.

The authorities will not confirm or deny if foul play is suspected. However, travel to and from the island has been restricted.  More details to follow.


Charisma Nettlebaum leaves behind 14 children by 23 separate women and an indelible mark in our nation's history.  Perhaps best known for single handedly ending the Shaffeygate Conflict by deploying a then-experimental satellite based anti-aggression weapon, his last bold act in office was to proclaim "So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish" the anthem of our proud nation.  Oddly fitting, in retrospect.


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A moment of silence in Shaffey for Mr. Nettlebaum.


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Arkiasis highly condemns the use and manufacture of chemical and biological weapons. Stating that their effects are lasting and can be devastating to civilian populations. Possible long-term effects of such warfare include: chronic illness caused by exposure to chemical and biological agents; delayed effects in persons directly exposed (causation of cancer, severe damage to the human foetus, and detrimental alterations in the human gene); organic, particularly nervous, damage which lasts throughout life, even though the person is not killed. So stating that no civilians were killed during the use of these weapons should in no way validate the use of said weapons.

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The Federation of Amsterdon announces the end to the Liliputian war. It was a short and decisive victory in which all goals and objectives were met. This nation will not stand for threats or acts of violence against its government or its people, and shall meet any such perpetrators with unrelenting and merciless force. The Liliputian menace has been subdued, and its leader found guilty of corroborating with a known terrorist group. For crimes against the nation of Amsterdon and its citizens, the coward is sentenced to death by hanging in the main square of National Area 1.


Our forces shall remain in occupation of the Liliputian nation for an undetermined amount of time. The reasons for this are four fold:


1) To maintain security in the country as all former military and police personnel have been disbanded.


2) To ensure the safety of the citizens of Amsterdon and prevent further terrorist attrocities


3) To secure the nations resources, and make sure they are properly managed


4) To oversee that the upcoming national elections are carried out in an appropriate and respectable manner


The previous military parade which was announced as a celebration to comemmerate the acceptance of our nation into the WA shall go ahead, but shall now also be used as a means of celebrating our victory over the Liliputians. The planned unveling of K9K9 to the public has however been scrapped. A memorial to remember the 56 victims of the attack on National Area 1 shall be built in the downtown area where the attack took place. It will take the form of a 112 story building, (2 floors for every victim) and shall rightly be financed by the Liliputians.

Edited by GTA_stu

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Excerpts from The Zootese Herald



Andy Marfell defeats Cornelius Simpson in Election

In a landmark moment for Zootopolis, the first official election in the newly formed Zootopolis has taken place and current President Pandazoot, Andy Marfell, has come away with the victory. As well as that, Marfell's 'Bretton Liberal Party' gained eight new seats in the Zootese Government House. Meanwhile Cornelius Simpson's 'Democratic Conservative Party' took a loss of thirteen seats and it is expected Simpson will step down as leader of the party but stay on as an advisor.


The Current Government Seats...


Bretton Liberal Party: 223

Democratic Conservative Party: 93

United Labour Group: 50

Panova Remembrance Party:34


Therefore the current President Pandazoot will stay on until August 2014.




Zootopolis Chief of Staff pays tribute to 'very close friend'

Today, Chief of Staff Stephen Brown made a short statement to the press regarding the recent death of Charisma Nettlebaum, the former spokesperson for the Otter Archipelago. Brown said,


"Charisma and I go a long way back, we attended the same University together and lived in the same frat house as each other. He was a man of few words and so it was surprising to me when he took the job of Spokesperson for the Archipelago. Charisma will be missed and my heart goes out to his beaus Caroline, Helen, Gina, Debbie T, Hattie, Lisa, Candy, Katie, Sam, Farrah, Julie, Angelica, Rita, Debbie K, Edwina, Ursa, Paula, Whitney, Corsa, Lara, Beatrice and Claire plus his wife Gertrude. He was a good friend and a fantastic drinker. God bless you Charisma."


Brown then proceeded to pour a can of lagar onto the floor of the press room much to the chagrin of Press Secretary Claudia Jean.


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El Zilcho

Financial Article from the Custodian:


Aesculo Annexes All

The Aesculo hit $2.01, firmly the regions strongest currency. Reports from Cedar Avenue in Concardé's opulent Financial District have been greeted with public applause and almost national pride in Tulija's number one national past time - making money. The news comes just days after average salaries peaked at $70,000; today they are recorded at $69,448, in many ways reflective of the ever excellent economy. GDP is now $43,630,800,000,000 (pop. 935 Million), 3rd in GTAF behind only Subterannia ($44,458,200,000,000 with a population of 1.657 Billion) and Renikov ($94,823,800,000,000 with a population of 2.317 Billion).


New Buckingham and Concordancé stock exchanges hit record heights yesterday, with several multinational corporations increasing investment in Tulijan business. Sales of Tulijan soda increased: Suave, Quench and Chillax all reporting 3%, 4% and 9% growth respectively.


Front page article from The Looking Glass:


Lillliput Kaput and Nettlebaum Gone

Mere days after the initial amphibious and aerial invasion of Lilliput by Amsterdon, the sovereign nation of Lilliput is ravaged and defeated. The attacks, in response to the terrorist car bombings of National Square 1, were orchestrated from multiple directions on the morning of the 9th and swept aside the small token resistance of Lilliput's coastal defences. By the time The Looking Glass went to press, the capital has been pacified and it's leaders arrested wholesale on charges of abating murder and terrorism. Amsterdon maintains it's stance toward the Otter Archipelago, assuring the international community that the sensational claims of Otterian support for Lilliput are well founded. Investigations are ongoing, but considering Amsterdon's regime, a verdict of "all guilty" can be expected for the vanquished.


What will happen to the future of Lilliput and it's people remains to be seen, however the military of Amsterdon does not appear to be making long term preparations for occupation, rather short term reorganization being focused on as of yet.


Meanwhile, the death of Charisma Nettlebaum was mourned by several members of the Otterian Senate and wider community. His demise is currently shrouded in mystery and official smoke and mirrors; however all hearsay and preliminary details point to a suspicious death. Until more information is provided, murder will remain at the top of the list of possible causes of death - especially considering his rapid expiration and foreign nature of toxins discovered in his body. It is no secret that Mr Nettlebaum's strong stance bred enemies as well as friends: this intrigue coming so soon after strong words exchanged between the Archipelago and Amsterdon lends credibility to the multitude of conspiracy theorists waiting in the wings.

Page 2 article from Daily Expositor:


Albert Vermillion appointed Minister of the Interior

In line with Eugene McNaylor's resignation last week on charges of Gross Incompetence (indicted and impeached by the People's Shadow Minister), EM Hugh Daxley has overseen the selection process for a new Minister of the Interior. Prior speaker of the house Albert Vermillion was sworn in earlier this morning and will make his short address to the collected Houses of Consul and Merit on Monday. Mr Vermillion's press conference hailed Tulija's place in the Top 10% for least corrupt, an accolade he made clear he wants to "preserve and increase" in his tenure.

Edited by El Zilcho

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Excerpt From Zootopolis Times:



President Pandazoot states intention to run for Chief Whip

On the back of his victory in the first Zootopolis election over the weekend, President Pandazoot has used the momentum to mount a campaign for Chief Whip of the GTAForums region. President Pandazoot is expected to officially address the GTAForums region soon and state his intent. This is seen as a bold move by some political analysts who view President Pandazoot as being inexperienced in politics.

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The military's long awaited parade through the main square of National Area 1 commenced today in front of hundreds of thousands of cheering spectators waving Amsterdonian flags. The parade, which involved over 50,000 of our nation's finest men and women was also watched around the country in the squares, offices and homes. The highlight of the parade came in the form of a 10 minute speech by The Supreme Leader, in a rare public appearance which brought joy to the entire country. Ground work was also started on the new 112 story "Resilience Tower" and a 2 minute silence was held to remember the victims of the tragedy for which it will commemorate.


In other news a Zombie outbreak hit Wolf City in an astonishing event which has scientists baffled. They don't know what caused the outbreak but biological terrorism has not been ruled out, nor has the possibility that it is a new super virus which has previously been undiscovered. The area has been quarantined, and the military has promised the citizens that their safety has not been comprimised and that the situation is under control. Timo De Vechten, the Secretary of State for Defense stated that "The military is doing everything it can to harness this new found weapon, and it is something which gives Amsterdon a unique capability in warfare which will give us an upper hand against our opponents."



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A Facebook post from George Farman:



WTF is going on with Fin Soup city? No word from family and roads still blocked off!!!



A Tweet by Candice Forthington, Northern OA socialite:



Fth! Fyuntoo, garnoth spring.





The irony is suspicious


PHILLIPS EXTINCTION LAGER ISLAND, OA -- The OA Senate is maintaining a tight-lipped policy regarding the recent events unfolding in the northern town of Fin Soup. Results of Mr. Nettlebaum's autopsy were promised days ago, and aside from a few notable cases, communication with the hamlet is all but cut off.  OASA vehicles and personnel have been spotted in the area.


Fear is palpable considering this event occurred shortly after the sack of Lilliput and the region's first display of the terrible "Deathly Rain" K9K9 biological weapon.  Despite the reclusive nation of Amsterdon's claims of negligible civilian losses in the attack, reports of gross human suffering, summary executions, and unpredictable side effects of the Shaffeyan weapon (including effects on Amsterdon's own troops) have been steadily broadcast from the ravaged territory.


The senate spent the weekend in session, with no public access to the proceedings.  The Shaffeyan ambassador to the Archipelago has been seen in the capital, but also refused to comment on the situation.


Political commentators have been running wild with the story - claiming everything from divine retribution to alien invasion.  OANewNetwork President William O'Bill had this to say, however. "The Senate may be trying to protect us from the truth, but we deserve to hear the truth.  In our eyes, it's plain to see that we are the victim of an attack, and we want retribution.  This pansy "defensive actions only" crap is why bullies and despots like this diminutive "Supreme Leader" asshole can slip into our country and kill you.  Now our citizens are posting gibberish on their tweetwalls and suffering for the senate's refusal to blow Amsterdon off of the map.  And another thing..."


OANN will update this story as it develops.






We knew they were nuts, but...


WOLF CITY, AMSTERDON -- Claims of a "zombie outbreak" have leaked from the brutal and secretive nation of Amsterdon.  Speculation by the OA scientific community points to an apparent correlation between this story and recent events in the north of the Archipelago concerning Mr. Nettlebaum's death and the subsequent gibberish posted by B-list celebrities in the area such as the cast of Phillips Shore.


"Absurd," claims Reg Corntooth, dean of medicine and, oddly, political sciences at PELISU. "Unless by 'zombies' the Amsterdon government is referring to 'citizens who dare express free will'"


More on this as it develops.



Edited by Otter

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Fellow members of the GTAForums Region, I come before you today for two reasons. My first reason is that I wish to officially declare my candidacy for position of Chief Whip on the GTAForums regional Cabinet. I believe I possess all the qualities needed to be a admirable and competent Whip who will always do what is best for the region. And I wish to demonstrate that right now. In light of the recent situation that has developed in Amsterdon, I would like to offer any resources to Amsterdon to help it deal with and recover from this situation. If the Nation of Amsterdon requires anything, it will be a mere phone call away.


Thank you.


Root for Zoot 2012

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Federation of Amsterdon Broadcasting Company FABC





Dear citizens it comes with great grief to inform you the situation in Wolf City has escalated in dramatic fashion as all power to the area has been cut off. The army has sent in further reinforcements to help control the situation which is at this moment unclear. There are reports of huge explosions emanating from within, and a huge fire can be seen raging inside the main hospital. Helicopters; both civilian and miltary, have been seen hovering over the city and the sound of overhead jets has been heard intermittently. Casualties are feared high although no official figures have so far been given.


In a press conference an unnamed government spokesperson gave this long statement:



In light of recent unforeseen events we are maintaining the closure of our borders. After the end of the Liliputian war, the announcement of the reopening of Amsterdon's borders was expected at some point later today. This possibility was quickly dismissed after an emergency meeting between the senior ministers, which was chaired by the Supreme Leader.


The developments surrounding the death of Charisma Nettlebaum has not gone unnoticed. We are monitering the situation very closely. We resent highly the suggestion that there is Amsterdonian involvement in this whole sordid affair. The man was a sorry excuse for a diplomat and spokesperson, he would often turn up to meetings and press conferences blind drunk and high on drugs. He once made a pass at a bust of the Supreme Leaders great grandfather, and he was widely speculated to have fathered 5 illegitimate children in Amsterdon alone. This is especially grotesque when you consider he spent a mere 2 days in the country.


The unfounded rumours of K9K9 poisening the Liluput homeland, and its populace are absolutely untrue, and is nothing but a ploy by the Otter Archipelago to shift negative attention upon Amsterdon. We tested the weaponry extensively, and would never take the risk of it harming our own troops.


We also take great offense at the suggestion that Amsterdon would make false claims regarding the zombie outbreak. It is a serious and real incident which has taken the lives of potentially thousands of Amsterdonians. It is a terrible insult to our nation that the Archipelago makes these sensationalist claims, and in such an innapropriate and tragic time.


We would like to express our thanks to the Zoots for their very generous offer to assisst Amsterdon, and for their support of us in this hard and testing time. We wish them good luck in their run for office.


We will give updates on the situation inside Wolf City when we gather more information and when the time is appropriate. Our thoughts are with those inside the troubled city.

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