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Two Topics in one

Dr. John

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Well, actually I used the Search Feature so don't make me angry. The last one should actually be on GTA Series Chat rather than in GTA 5 Section.


Anyways, here is the first topic.




1) Which Font should be used for GTA 5? Best one was of GTA VC's. I have no idea about GTA 4...


Use your MS Word or Net to find out which one suits.




2) I support this statement that R* is watching us. Here is why:



Hey guys,


We've been reading the forums and understand that several of you are experiencing difficulties with Grand Theft Auto IV PC, and we are committed to doing everything we can to help resolve these troubles. We are working on a number of solutions, outlined below, and over the next few days we will be responding to questions posed on this forum in an effort to get your game up and running as quickly as possible. Please continue to check the list below for updates.


It's like they are trying to find what is wrong with their game by glancing at the Troubleshooting Section. They were worried and so they sent someone to help us. There are milloins of Guests. Who knows it may be even Bill Gates. tounge.gif




If Led-By think that one of the discussion can't be discussed, please tell me and I will remove it. But please, don't lock without warning.



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