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Graphics Request Thread!


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All old forums I use to visit had one of these, so I thought I'd add it. Some members don't have abilities or good enough computers to do their own userbars, signatures and other graphics. So we need somewhere to turn to ask about getting something made for us, if someone sees fit to do so. I am asking upon some of the forums graphics makers, to see if anyone is interested in opening up a "Graphics Request Topic"... I searched for one and couldn't find it.


Basically, you set up a template of a post in code with what to fill in to ask for, from there. Anyone with graphic experience and wants to give something a shot, is willing to do so. There is one agreement to making a request, respect. Ask politely and don't go bashing peoples work. If any graphic makers are on board with this thread, I got some other in-topic ideas to get this topic to stay alive, active and fun. So private message me and we'll talk!


& to the Mods, If I somehow missed a similar thread searching and it exists somewhere. Sorry, feel free to lock this. I'm just trying to get involved. smile.gif

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