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Need help kams scripts


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okay well i've recently got interested in learing how to make mods for GTA, and i keep reading about this "Kam's script". i downloaded it and extracted it into the 3Ds max route file like it said, all files seem to be in the right locations from the Readme txt file, but when i go to Utilities i don't see DFF or whatever it is? this is all i see (image)

user posted image

what should i do?


and could you also tell me what Kam's script does? i'm not entirly sure, of course i'm new so i haven't used it before biggrin.gif


and could you also let me know if theres anything else i need to create 3D cars and people other than 3DS max and Kam's script? i can actually create 3D cards with 3Ds max right? i've only really heard peopel talking about 3Ds max for modding people. oh and last question, what is Zmodeler for? when i was first looking into modeling for GTA i kept reading about Zmodeler, i got it, and i don't like it, it's not user friendly enough i prefer 3DSmax smile.gif so i don't need Zmodler right?



i'm trying to model for San andreas.

i have 3Ds max 2011 version.

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It might work if you try "MAXScript > MAXScript tab > Utilities > KAMS scripts" icon14.gif


user posted image

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