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Avatar and sig request


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Could someone make a nice avatar for me.

The only thing I want is my username on it, you can choose all other things.


And could someone make a nice sig for me?

Again, you can choose how to do it.


I just want it FC Barcelona style (This football club, for the ones who don't know FCB)

You can use their logo and colors in any way you want.

But if you use a player, then please use Lionel Messi (this guy)


There're more pics on google than the ones I gave, so you can make it almost any way you want.


Btw, could you also give me the larger image, so I can use it as background on my PC or phone.


Thank you very much for the one(s) that can do this for me.

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user posted image





user posted image





user posted image





Link to whole.

Edited by blitz


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Wow that's amazing.

I can't choose, they are awesome. cry.gif


Thank you very much Blitz, that's amazing biggrin.gif



Can someone do my avatar?

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