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Learning to fly (URGENT)


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Please, please get me pass this nightmare ASAP. My game was GREAT, until this mission came along and ruined my excitment for it -_- + i've been trying to get past it for past month... i'd be thankful if you would explain to me how do i make this save work because it's my first time doing it so far and when i downloaded other saves it kicked me back straight to mission #1 which i don't want to happen now. Many thanks smile.gif




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I'll do it.

Dude, you're the best! (L)

+ could you also explain how i get the game to work, and not to kick me out to mission #1? Also, any medal will be awesome, just to get it out of the way smile.gif

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You're welcome. icon14.gif

Also, what you mean with getting kicked back to the first mission? How to get back on it or what?


For: ladyinblack

Missions: Learning To Fly

Helper: miromiro

Link: <Click Here>

Reward: Respect +

Status: Completed.


Completed the Flying School tests with Gold.

You've got a phone call waiting.

The Rustler, Stuntplane & Hunter spawns in Verdant Meadows Hangar.

The Hunter can be used for the Vigilante side missions.

The Air Field or Air Yard missions are open.

You've gained the Pilots' License, now all Airports have been unlocked.

You should finish off the Driving School.

Zero's missions should be completed as well.

Saved at Verdant Meadows.

Next time, please post with this Save N' Play request topic title format: [sNP] Learning To Fly [V1/V2].


Enjoy the rest of the game! smile.gif


Passing this mission requires to know how to fly planes.

Here are two links that could help you understand how to fly by keyboard.

Recommended System Requirements - by Rockstar:

Game pad with twin axis analog controls (USB or Joystick Port).


Oh, and here is a little table, made by lil weasel, modified a little by me, that shows you all timed trials and awards. icon14.gif



< 45 secs
< 37.5 secs
< 30 secs
Land Plane
< 40 secs
< 32.5 secs
< 25 secs
Circle Airstrip
< 75 secs
< 67.5 secs
< 60 secs
Circle Airstrip and Land
< 95 secs
< 87.5 secs
< 80 secs
Helicopter Takeoff
< 60 secs
< 52.5 secs
< 45 secs
Land Helicopter
< 45 secs
< 37.5 secs
< 30 secs
Destroy Targets
< 105 secs
< 92.5 secs
< 80 secs
Loop the Loop
< 27 secs
< 24 secs
< 21 secs
Barrel Roll
< 23 secs
< 20.5 secs
< 18 secs
Parachute onto Target
< 70 secs
< 62.5 secs
< 55 secs


Completing the Flying School with Bronze gives you a Hustler.

Completing the Flying School with Silver gives you a Hustler & a Stuntplane.

Completing the Flying School with Gold gives you a Hustler, Stuntplane & Hunter.

Here's a good video of Learning To Fly which will help you quite a lot!




Hope this helps understanding what you missed!

Dead (Retired)

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You're welcome, glad to help. icon14.gif

Dead (Retired)

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Um.. the unlocked plane for bronse would be a Rustler, not the car that Denise drives, a Hustler.


If you try to load a downloaded save and it jumps to the first mission or crashes the game then you have download the wrong version. Either download a save from the proper version, convert the save, or switch your scripts to match the downloaded save.

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