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save game error?


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i've installed a save game but when i load it says check ur hdd.....i'be tried xlive....xlivewrapper.....patch.....not installed any asi loader etc....pls help


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I am having some trouble with the folder appdata.../savegames, there is another folder in it called user_xxxxxx, I deleted the user_xxx folder and copied the save file into the savegames folder and when I launched , it doesn't recognize my save file, I have copied Xlive.dll from xliveless into the GTA folder. Any1 has any idea about my problem?

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Did you copy your savefiles to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\ ?


Xliveless changes the location of the default savegames folder. The savegames folder in appdata is your original savegames folder. You don't have to delete the folder. Just copy all the savefiles to the location I mentioned before.

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