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IP Banned from GTANet IRC Network.


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* Connecting to irc.gtanet.com (6667)


-maple.nl.eu.gtanet.com- *** You have been banned from the GTANet IRC Network. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for help.


Closing link: (unknown@**.**.***.***) [G-Lined: Session limit exceeded]


* Disconnected


Something must have gone wrong here when I was setting up a filterscript of IRC on my gameserver.

It is supposed to load just one bot to echo the server, but it seemed one couldn’t connect and kept reconnecting every second.

Now, after closing everything down, I’m unable to join.


As it said to contact by e-mail for help, I’m hoping this can be resolved and that I can set my old bot to echo the server.


It’s currently down and it doesn’t please my players if I’m this clunsy.


Kind regards,



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By removing all relevant information from your post (which wouldn't have been necessary if you had just e-mailed either Luke or me) there's little we can do to help you now.


Session-limit exceeded bans occur when you open more than three simultaneous connections to GTANet. This will, indeed, impose a ban on the offending IP address if you continue to try to establish connections. Easiest way is to contact us in #CallCentre. The ban will have expired by now (which happens automatically after a small hour).

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