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Customizable Free Mode Settings


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For one I think



Vehicles-parked/On/Crazy Peds

Guns- Explosives/ Melee/ Pistols/ Military G.I./All

Aero- None/ No Guns/ On

Area- All/Sace Shuttle/Submarine/





These are just some ideas shoot yours!

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Keep in mind that they reduced the amount of cars seen on the streets due to lag, I believe.

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More 'Blip' options


-On (always on)


-Shooting (like Call of Duty/ Appears when a player fires weapon)

-Sprinting (Like Read Dead Redemption/ Appears when player sprints)

-Near (Only appears on map/radar when near a player)

-Far (Only appears when far away from a player)

-Vehicles (appears when a player is in a vehicle, not when stopped/landed though)



Any other ideas?

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There should be these options:


-Bullets: Weak, normal, SUPER EFFECTIVE


-Health: Weak, normal, double, x10, god mode


-Cars Fly: On, Off


-Gameplay speed: Slow-Mo, Normal, Super fast


-Police A.I. : Dumb, normal, Robotic (Aimbot pretty much)


-Parachutes: Disabled, enabled, Always equipped



Unrealistic, maybe. Fun? f*ck YES!



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One thing I didn't really like about freeplay in GTA4 was that there was no cheats. It was kind of disappointing. I'm not one to use cheats a lot but it would make freeplay a lot funner IMO..

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Basically freemode on PC was just a place to use trainers. It was fun, but didn't let you play ranked games if you wanted to. They could make an in-built trainer or at least some cheats which could be enabled or disabled with an option. That way people could play normally without raging at god mode people. Trainers are useful for movie making, too.

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What cars spawn in-game.

Pick players spawn areas.

Helicopters/Airplanes on/off.

Spawn with all weapons on/off.

Dial 911 should still work.

Cops weapons melee/pistols/smg/lmg/assault rifles...etc


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I want the gun positions to be really customizable

example: i only want pistols and rpg´s or ak47´s and grenades only

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Call 911 work (as mentioned above) and in-game clothing options.


If your a roleplayer like me who plays as a firefighter, then say you are dressed as a Firefighter in his station gear and you act like a "call" goes out and you need to change into your fire gear fast and you dont want to leave the game, so you can open up your phone, go to multiplayer appearance (or whatever its called) and change you clothing to, say, a full set of firefighter gear and that way you can roleplay effectively and "save lives." And when you changed your clothing other people would actually see this happen after its done.

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