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gta could not been found


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The topic title describes my problem. When I enter:


using GTA;



I get the error, I know that I should put it in refrences, but where to get gta.dll/.exe or whatever from?

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I'm trying to learn the C# language (especially IV scripthook tutorial).


I made this (most is from the tut):


using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using System.Windows.Forms;using GTA;namespace IV_script{   public class IV_script : Script   {       public class IV_scriptB()       {           Interval = 1000;           this.KeyDown += new GTA.KeyEventHandler(testKeyDown);       }              public void testKeyDown(object sender, EventArgs e);       {           if (Keys.H == e.Key)           {               Player.Character.Health = 1000;               Player.Character.Health = 1000;                              if (Player.Character.isInVehicle());               {                   Player.Character.CurrentVehicle.Repair();                   Player.Character.CurrentVehicle.Wash();               }           }       }   }}



But I'm having trouble with most things. I've got this line from the tut:



Interval = 1000;


"is a property but is used as a type", What's wrong?



this.KeyDown += new GTA.KeyEventHandler(testKeyDown);


But why +=, and do I have to do this to call a public void thing, or are there also other ways.


And a lot of "Player.char is used as a type" errors.

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