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set an Ambulance with siren on


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hi mates,

i want to know how to set an Ambulance to on its special horn,

there is a opcode but for checking only


0383:   car $7831 special_horn_on


i hope it may done by some mem address like these !

else tell me how to use these


0x427AAC - [4 bytes] - spawns with jingle/siren/horn on0x591572 - [byte] - Phoenix engine animation (no use on other cars)0x597F4A - [byte] - Hunter weapon0x598302 - [byte] - Seasparrow weapon0x58BCA8 - [byte] - Cuban exhaust0x5945F1 - [byte] - Rhino cannon0x5945D5 - [byte] - Fire truck water cannon0x594611 - [byte] - Voodoo hydraulics0x59C7E5 - [byte] - Stinger jump in animation0x5A0316 - [byte] - police boat weapon



please tell me as soon as possible!

i am waiting ...........

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sorry for Bump & double post,

but if you don't know how to turn on the ambulance horn,

then at lest tell me how those MEM addresses will work,

& if no one knows then why those address are written at Modding section ?

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sorry Another bump,

but only to tell that i have solved the problem,


0x7E49C0 - [pointer] - Player's car pointer

+0x1A4 - [4 bytes] - alarm duration, time in milliseconds


this set alarm in vehicles as well as siren (if exist)

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