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Last night i downloaded a software which allows me to download content such as music. It wasn't until i woke up this morning i found that my computer was doing system checks and had a blank blue screen. After that however the computer went back to normal. However when i clicked on the my Internet explorer 7 my homepage was this "babylon" search engine. It was on my toolbar and everything. Now i disabled it however it is still in my Internet settings and i really cant remove it i have tried many procedures. Can anyone give me an easy guide on how to completely remove it from my computer please? I would be much appreciated. Thanks (BTW i use windows Inter Explorer 8 now).

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friendly luggage

Go to add or remove programs and uninstall that babylon program and toolbar. Next do a virus scan after it has uninstalled.

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IE7? Bloody hell man, update.

First get the latest IE that XP will support. (but agreed to stop using IE, try Firefox or Google Chrome)

Get Spybot and if nothing else turn on it's Immunize system. To go with that get SpywareBlaster which only does immunization. These will help keep the bad guys out. Get MalwareBytes as well, then use both MalwareBytes and Spybot to scan your system. I believe on XP you can add Windows Defender into that to help bad guys out as well, plus scan and remove them.


No idea what program you're talking about that you using to download music. Please explain. In the mean time when you do install these things, check them out first and when you do the install pay attention to what it's installing and where and if there is an Advanced or Expert mode in the installer then use it, these modes will show you if something "extra" is going to be installed and should have a way to opt-out of it and if not then don't install the anything by hitting Cancel.

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I have Babylon Search engine Toolbar thingie, as far as I know, rather harmless.

It updates on occasion but doesn't impede my computer use.

It's likely it could "Spy" on you as adware or spyware, sharing details, that's probably the worst attribute? I think it's legit enough, IIRC, I had hoped for it to be a handy translator, otherwise, of no real use. I am not smitten with it or anything, and it was related to some other item I was getting online, as you know, installers LOVE to try and sneak toolbars in, I believe this is the method they get paying for free services.


Looking for a handy translator is not a bad idea, but I guess I'm having some second thoughts on this one! hahaha




Crap Cleaner should aid in removal versus using Windows, and forget about NOT using IE, sometimes IE is best (for caching and sorting Net streams!!)


This says it's harmless, on the other hand. I think people just get anxious about any of this, but the fact is, FREE software is looking for financial support, and that's part of what's going on



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