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Speedometer Digital Pleasse


Recommended Posts


if0449:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_a_carjf @Inicio0811: [email protected] = actor $PLAYER_ACTOR car // versionC



You use 0449 and 0811 together. Miiistaaakee! As is using this later:


80DB:  not actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_car [email protected]



00DB doesn't return the same as 0449. 0449 is IS_CHAR_SITTING_IN_ANY_CAR. 0448 is IS_CHAR_SITTING_IN_CAR (probably). 00DF is IS_CHAR_IN_ANY_CAR and 00DB is similarly IS_CHAR_IN_CAR.


0449 returns true when the character is sat in any car. 00DF and 00DB return true when the character is entering the (or any, in the case of 00DF) car. 0811 returns the car handle when the character is entering it. I doubt you want a speedometer to show up before the player is actually in the car, so use 03C0 instead and replace use of 00DF and 00DB with 0449 and 0448.



And don't do this:


056D:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR defined 


But always use 0256 to make sure the player hasn't forgotten to check the speedometer and ended up busted by Officer Carl Ronson.

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if0449:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_a_carjf @Inicio0811: [email protected] = actor $PLAYER_ACTOR car // versionC



I used this because it can measure the speed of any car cj is in, not only when he is driving...


And this:



80DB:  not actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_car [email protected]



Because it must be the SAME car the code is handling, else it would mess things up if some other cleo puts the actor directly into another car (still into a car but not car [email protected]), believe me, it happens...


And I used that opcodes because I didn't knew any difference between the others you say... though, no big deal if it shows before/after...

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As I said for 00DB, there is 0448. It would work better with your code because it can't return false and restart immediately after it started wink.gif

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