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Logitech F310 and the D-pad


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Hi all


I'm using the F310 to play SA on my pc. But the D-pad doesn't work as it should. I remember on the PS2, the D-pad had the functions for switching the radio and changing weapons, but on the pc it only changes the camera angle. I already tried different settings but nothing works. If I try to map a key, it doesn't recognise pressing the D-pad.



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If you haven't already I would try a different USB port, then test it in Game Controllers again. Also if you have another PC to try it on.

If you have anyother controllers pluged in unplug them.


Gamepad PS3 controller

[PS3 controller] gamepad for SA v2

How to use PS3 controller to play GTA:SA?


This is an Olde Game, many questions can be answered with the FORUM TOOL: SEARCH. Always SEARCH before making a ‘new’ topic.

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I tried SAAC a few days ago, but CJ kept moving forward even without moving the joystick. I checked the axis page in the program, but it didn't showed a constant input so I don't know what the problem was and therefore uninstalled it (when not using the program, the forward movement does not occur)


I'll try the different usb port and PS3 controller tomorrow.


Thanks for the responses!

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