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Kings of Liberty

The Bianco Crime Famiglia

Recommended Posts

The Bianco Crime Famiglia


user posted image






Created by:

Mr White0161(D0N Bianco)


Filming/Video Editing:

ygbbrazy(Pazzo Sangue)


Writing/Characters/Original idea:

Mr White0161(D0N Bianco)



Mr White0161(D0N Bianco) & ygbbrazy(Pazzo Sangue)


Audio Supervisor:

ygbbrazy(Pazzo Sangue)


Music Supervisors:

Mr White0161(D0N Bianco) & ygbbrazy(Pazzo Sangue)



Bianco Productions


Executive Producers:

Mr White0161(D0N Bianco) & ygbbrazy(Pazzo Sangue)



The Bianco Crime Famiglia

Voice Acting:

Mr White0161(D0N Bianco) & ygbbrazy(Pazzo Sangue)



ygbbrazy, Blitz, Narcis_Speed6,UNRATED69








Plot Line:

A tale about the trials and heartaches of an Italian crime syndicate trying to survive in an changing world. Fighting other gangs throughout the city along with added attention from law enforcement who are conducting an investigation. All in the battle of survival in a city of corruption, lies, and betrayal all to see who are the true kings of Liberty.






Season 1 Trailer




Episode 1 "Gank Move"

Description: The series opener of the tale about the trials and heartaches of an Italian crime syndicate trying to survive in an changing world. Fighting other gangs and law enforcement around the city. All in the battle of survival in a city of corruption, lies, and betrayal all to see who are the true kings of Liberty.




Episode 2 "Repercussions"

Description: Fallowing the disappearance of a fellow family member the Biancos do what they can to get the kidnapped associate back from The Black Chapter.




Episode 3 "Lead Rain In Purgatory"

Description: After the Biancos rescue Richie from The Black Chapter crack den Tyrone Ceal goes to send a message. Pazzo and Lorenzo clear up a loose end.




Episode 4 "No Ticki No Laundry"

Description: Vic and Joe have a meeting with the Triads, Joe still uncertain on the whole thing. The Gang Unit gets taken over by an agent from FIB, and someone inside the Biancos may not be exactly who he appears to be.




Episode 5 "Steel Pigeon"

Description: A Bianco shipment gets seized by the LCPD Gang Unit. The Triads put Vic and Joe up to an unthinkable task. The Black Chapter attempts to rob a shop on Bianco turf.




Episode 6 "Insurance Claim"

Description: Jimmy and Ritchie get sent out on a debt collection, Ritchie is put in a very difficult situation. The Biancos still trying to recover from there last shipment being seized as they search for anything else they can make some money off of.




Episode 7 "Crime of The Century"

Description: The Biancos are able to get a new shipment, but are interrupted by unwanted guests. The Triads are becoming extremely irritated with the Black Chapters incompetence. Vic continues to try and get his brother Joe on board with his plans.




Episode 8 "On The Lamb"

Description: The Biancos try and figure out happened at the meet with the buyers the night before. The Black Chapter makes another attempt on Aroldos life, the Gang Unit experiences a casualty. Ritchie tries to run.




Episode 9 "Valley of Death"

Description: In the Season 1 finale things turn for the worse. The Biancos clean house and the Triads take matters into there own hands.




Season 2:


S2; Episode 1 "The Song Remains The Same..."

Description: Season 2 opening for Kings of Liberty. Starting off only hours after the events of Episode 9 from Season 1. Pazzo is left in-charge after the disappearance of Aroldo. Joe comes clean with what had been going on between his brother and the Triads.




S2; Episode 2 "No Rest For The Wicked"

Description: With Aroldo in the hospital after his crash Pazzo is left in-charge. Joe confronts his brother, Conner finds out what happened to Ritchie.



S2; Episode 3 "Living Dead"

Description: Aroldo wakes from his micro-coma. The Triads make an attack on an unexpected faction. Dwayne reaches out to his contacts in Bohan. Vic tries to connect with his brother Joe, Aroldo speaks to Joe about the order given by Pazzo.



S2; Episode 4 "Voodoo Child"

Description: Jimmy is approached by a few Jamaicans who are also locked up. Vic and the Chinese make a startling discovery. Joe takes care of business.












Bianco Crime Family:




user posted image



Aroldo Bianco:

Boss of an Italian crime family based in Alderney and Purgatory, known for ruthlessness and determination. Had been a controlling entity for a very long time however times have changed. He used to have many connections in the high offices of government but the leverage has been lost.


Pazzo Sangue:

Underboss of an Italian crime syndicate lead by Aroldo Bianco, Sangue is known to be ruthless and deadly. He is also known by his nick-name “Bats”, given to him for the act he performed on a man who failed to pay his boss. Pazzo removed all the man’s teeth with a baseball bat, earning him the name “Bats”. Sangue is a textbook psychopath.


Jimmy Pastrello:

Jimmy Pastrello is a known Capo for the Bianco Family. Mostly as muscle but quite often is used as a button man. Little is known about Pastrello but apparently him and Pazzo Sangue have known each for years, may explain why they work for the same man. Pastrello resides in a house that used to belong to his mother somewhere in Berchum.


Richard “Rich” Burtello:

Not much is known about Richard Burtello. He came into town about eight months ago from Los Ventures. Seen as a errand boy for the Biancos.


Douglas Lynchenzo:

Soldier for the Bianco family. Known as "the Bar tender" he is seen in one of the Biancos main hangouts.


Lorenzo “Doc” Lucciono:

Lorenzo Lucciono is another known soldier for the Bianco family. After being kicked out of his private practice for stealing prescription drugs and selling them for a profit he came in contact by Jimmy Pastrello soon introducing him to Aroldo Bianco. After Bianco heard that Lorenzo is a doctor he saw great use for him.


George "Grim" Grimoni:

Capo for the Bianco Family and immigrant for Sicily. He runs the Port Tudor operations for the Biancos.


Joe Vincent:

Soldier for the Bianco Family, recently released from Alderney State Correctional after serving a 6years time for a diamond heist gone wrong.


Victor “Vic” Vincent:

Brother of Joe Vincent and associate for the Bianco Family, Victor is a car mechanic by trade but also runs a small chop shop in southern Alderney.

Vito Bruno:

Long time Enforcer to the Biancos, recently returning from San Fierro after laying low from a job he did a few years back.






The Black Chapter:




user posted image



Tyrone Ceal:

Leader of a the Black Chapter up in North Holland, drop out of the army and failed as a drug dealer he leads a group of heroin addicted junkies in basic car theft and burglary. Thought to be at war with the Bianco family. Tyrone and his crew look as if they work for the Triads; thoughts are that they are paying off a debt for the amount of heroin they have digested from the Chinese. Tyrone and his crew don’t seem very loyal, even his own crew snitch for the cops.


Dwayne Joseph:

Goon and right hand man for Tyrone Ceal and the Black Chapter recently released from Alderney State Correctional on parole for assault and battery of his former girlfriend who he caught in bed with Pazzo Sangue.






user posted image


Charlie Tang:

Leader of the Triads in Liberty City, known for starting the new found heroin trade in the city. He has started to expand his operations into unfriendly territory such as Little Italy. Using the Black Chapter as his own personal errand boys he has them doing constant attacks against the Bianco Family. Known location and base of operation is China Town.


Toni Motto:

Right hand with the Triads, he’s been in the city his whole life. He started dealing when he was young after his father was murdered by a close relative of Aroldo Bianco. Seeking retribution and revenge for his father’s death by helping Charlie Tang fight his war with the Biancos over the control of Liberty City.



Loyal Red Pole for the Triads, long time friend of Toni Motto.





LCPD Gang Unit:



user posted image


Conner Bryant:

Lead detective in the Liberty City gang unit of the LCPD, heading the investigation of the increase in gangland activity around the city.


Stephen O’Neal:

A beat cop part of the gang unit investigating the recent activity in organized crime in Liberty City.


Chief Simon McLeary:

Simon McLeary is the Chief of the Liberty City Police Department, also a dirty cop. He has a history of taking bribes to turn his back from most things around the city. He’s been the Chief for a very long time due to mafia connections keeping him in place.


Special Agent Ronald Burg:

Special Agent Ronald Burg is an agent for FIB investigating the Bianco Family and there business ventures. Keeping close eyes on his informant, but that information is classified.




Schottler Shottaz


user posted image



Father Ramses:

Father Ramses is the leader of the Jamaican gunrunning Yardies of Schottler. Also known as "The Schottler Shottaz". They are the largest importer of firearms within Liberty City, however are running into trouble just as everyone else.


Little Pharaoh:

Little Pharaoh is Father Ramses right-hand man. He has ties to Dwayne Joesph due to growing up in the same area as kids. However they became distanced from each other when Dwayne began to work with Tyrone Ceal and Pharaoh with Father Ramses.



Additional Characters:



James is your run of the mill scumbag of the streets. His word cannot always be trusted but what his says sometimes can be true.


Phil Leon:

Phil Leon is a junkie with a gambling problem he runs a small laundry mat in north Alderney. He takes out loans that he can’t pay off it is going to get him killed some day.



Cyrus is a hustler in North Holland, he knows everything there is to know about in the streets of North Holland. Long time friend of Dwayne Joesph.



Carlito "Cario" Rivera:

Bohan hustler who used to run with the Latin Kings. However he now does things on his own. Long time friend of Dwayne Joesph.


Juhdoesy Leggs

Leader of a small time Bohan street gang (Boulevard Ballas) . A variation of The Black Chapter but smaller in size and far more competent.


Juhdoesy Leggs right-hand man of the Boulevard Ballas. Also has a major 'beef' with Carlito "Cario" Rivera.

Edited by The Bianco Crime Famiglia
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Nice! But I think there should be a character based on me, and we need a dumbass Irish Consigliere like Cycrome wink.gif


Oh no, he's reading this! whatsthat.gif

Edited by fgcarva1
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Hahaha, I actually just made all of them up I didn't base them off of anyone... except maybe Jimmy. I had Paulie Walnuts in mind when I wrote that character.

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All I'm saying is the name "Aroldo Bianco" reminds me of someone who always says "fuggedaboutit" and Pazzo Sangue is basically YG smile.gif

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GTA IV Roleplay

Should add a character from the neighbourhood Aroldo grew up in. Someone, who looks like he could make it big-time as a mobster...


Name: Tommy Sizzi

D.O.B.: 10/07/95 (15 years of age).

Information: Tommy Sizzi is a young Italian-American citizen, that has been brought up on rough soil, in Liberty City. Working as a cleaner in Honkers, he has a brief, but positive relationship with Aroldo. Aroldo see's him as a new generation soldier to join his criminal organization. Tommy, being loyal and devoted, will be able to protect Aroldo, or ensure his safety, aswell as the organization's state, whether financially, physically, socially or mentally.


Just a thought sigh.gif

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Just copying and pasting what I posted on the BCF page, thought it would be more appropriate here.


Well, first of all I think the Don should say "Basta" instead of "fuggetaboutit", Basta is basically "all" or "just" in Italian, but they say it when they mean like "stop it" and ultimately "fuggetaboutit".

Second, it seems as if the conversations are too slow. Maybe YG could cut the audio to be closer at times. You guys could also make the audio a bit more "dramatic". The Don seems like he's dying haha. Italians are very dramatic people so it would fit in. I like the Irish cop, Stephen O'Neal. He's f*cking awesome. Also the name of the bar isn't "Blarney's", it's "Lucky Winkles" haha

You could work on a more concrete story line, not sure if it's still developing, but all I see is that relates to the story is Richie's kidnapping.

Another suggestion is recording the non-gunfight parts on TBOGT because the character models look cooler. To be honest, the models in Kings of Liberty are pretty gay haha.

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As I said before the story is still developing and there is much more, to be honest I think the player models in TBOGT look like queers.

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Awesome! its good to see more gta machinima type videos being made. Especially since you can hardly find them anymore. Thank you for entertaining me:D

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I like the pictures, and how each and every character is standing infront of something that represents them e.g. Tyrone in front of the "Gobble, gobble, 'till you choke" fried chicken ad and his buddy, Dwayne is in a basketball court. Charlie Tang in front of the "Bog Boss" nightclub sign. Pretty awesome.

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Yeah that's what we were trying to do, get each character in a place or element that represents them. Another example is Jimmy with a truck, or Joe/Vic standing in a chop shop. So on and so forth...

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  • 2 weeks later...
Cult Of Personality

So, yeah, the episode and sh*t. The details.


Disclaimer: Carva, this in no way makes me a slave. I posted this out of free will. wink.gif

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It will be done soon, the first two we didn't expect to have them done so fast haha. So be paitent, in due time...

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