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How to transfer save files between computers?


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So I did several searches, but wasn't able to find anything close. I am trying to transfer my save file for GTA IV on my laptop to GTA IV on my desktop and I would like to know how. Here are the specs:


I own GTA IV on Steam, so its the latest version.

OS on both laptop and desktop: Windows 7, Service Pack 1.


Any help is greatly appreciated.





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C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames


That's the location of your savefiles on your laptop. Back them up and/or copy them to a flash drive. Now, download Xliveless from here and copy the xlive.dll file to your GTA IV folder in your desktop PC.

Then copy the saves from the flash drive to the following location on your desktop - %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\


Start the game and you should be able to load the saves.

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just put in your flash drive (if you own one) then copy and paste it to keep the files safe

when you are about to remove your Flash drive from your pc click safely remove hardware. oh and to get more help go to mediaxl2.moonfruit.com for more help

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Just use a Flash drive-they are dirt cheap(you can get a 16GB one for less than $15 now a days), then copy/paste the save(s) to it and eject it from that PC to take and plug into the next PC and copy/paste the items to that PC...This works with ALL PC games, as well as music, videos, documents, pictures, etc.


Note: With IV and EFLC games, you will need to use Xliveless for the game to recognize the saves on the other PC(the one that the saves were not originally created on)-this is a BIG change from the previous GTA's-I wonder why it is so different now then it was in III, VC, and SA, where you could use any save? Just curious. confused.gif

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