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For the signatures we need these pictutes:








All of these signatures need to say "East Island Council" on them in grey lettering.


EDIT: Avatars are done.

Edited by Mr.Funny12
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well here is my shot at this thing.







user posted image







user posted image






user posted image






user posted image






user posted image


yes i know that these are not the best sigs in the world but, its better something then nothing.

Edited by Travisginca
you best shut the hell up and get the eff my topic you no good 13 year old b*tch you act like this is real life, and all you do is complain to everyone. YOUR 13 so I swear to god you threaten me again on VIDEO GAME and it just goes to show how immature you are and why you have no leadership skills and treat this as a real life thing.
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I edited out the avatars because they are done. If anybody could do any of those signatures that'd be awesome. icon14.gif

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