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returning to SanAndreas after being away for years

El Dildo

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so here's the deal.

San Andreas is probably my favorite GTA in the whole series and I used to play the hell out of it. I used to have my SA heavily modified with some awesome stuff (most of which came from this forum), but once the game started to get old I just sort of moved on. GTA IV came out, graphics got better, other new games came along, and eventually I stopped making backups of my SA folder and then uninstalled.


now that I'm waiting for GTA 5 and have gotten bored with GTA 4, I'm starting to get the itch for SA again.

but I pretty much forgot the names of all the great mods that I used to have, so basically I'm hoping you guys can help me out with modifying my game again.


the main thing I'm trying to find is the "Ultimate SA Mod." that's obviously not the name, it's just how I remember it.

I used to have this for SA in place of a trainer because it pretty much covered everything. it let you edit many aspects of the game while including a bunch of really nice compatible mods. if my memory serves me correctly, I think you could do everything from make yourself invincible, to adding armor, weapons, ammo, spawn cars (I think), and do stuff like spawn a helicopter that would pick you up and drop you off at various places around the game. the chopper would come with 2 bodyguards (armed with M4's) who would protect you if you called on them during a firefight.

if you wanted to stay on the ground, you could also summon a personal driver. I think it was a limousine, or some nice sedan, and it would come pick you up and you could either have the guy drive randomly around the city or go to specific locations to drop you off. and I think once you had the driver spawned, you could summon bodyguards who would arrive in a black SUV and follow the Limo driver around to protect you.

and I think I even remember the Limo driver having the option of taking you to the airport so you could board a private jet. the private jet would fly to the other airports in the game and drop you off. when you got dropped off, your Limo driver and bodyguards would be waiting for you. you would exit the plane, get into the Limo, and your motorcade would drive away together.


this mod also let you do things like edit the time of day I believe and access hidden interiors.

or something like that. I know it had other options. I think it let you do things like get in the back/passenger seat of a car that was driven by Grove Street gangmembers and then do driveby shootings on your own by hanging out the passenger window.


so yeah, that's all ONE mod.

I know someone must recognize it and could point me in the right direction. it's an ingame mod, you didn't have to exit the game to edit any of the values. all of the options for this Ultimate Mod were accessed using ingame controls like up/down/left/right and Yes/No, etc.


I also remember the ENBSeries Graphics mod for SA to make everything look nice and pretty. I've already downloaded this, but it's been so long since I last used it that my old ENB presets are lost. and I don't remember how they were setup anyway.

could someone recommend or suggest a really good enbseries.INI for me?

I want one that looks very realistic, the most powerful graphics possible because my computer can definitely handle it.


those are the 2 biggest things I need to get going again.

I still have my 100% savegame file but I refuse to start playing until I have Ultimate Mod thing back and some good graphics settings for my ENB.


thanks to whoever can help me out!

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