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What the game could be all about...


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Did you ever think of getting more characters from the past GTA games into GTA V and work, handle + play with them together ?

What if all of the 4 Main Characters will be in one game ? In one story ? What would happen if Niko Bellic, Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson and Claude Speed​in are in the same town, or even better, in the same "team" ? 4 guys from the past go to the same town and work together... to finally retire from what they was doing... but things are not easy.. as we all know.


If you ask me ? This would be not so bad. To see finally all of the main characters from the past official GTA games (not games like GTA: LCS, VCS, BoGT, TLaD). games like GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas and IV. And the characters are older, much older... able to retire...


What if GTA 5 is all about that ? 4 people worked on the same business in different towns... now they "wanted to retire" and traveled to Los Santos, where they meet Carl Johnson... ? They start to help each other... on their way to retire... But as i already said, things are not easy.


Remember, Niko told us, things will be different...


Remember, the first GTA V Trailer came out at the 10 Year Anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III.

Will we see a new main character in GTA V, or will we go back to probably Claude Speedin of the other main characters...

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These eastern European sounding borat type threads are really starting to demoralize me
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Harwood Butch3r

I really don't think we need another thread that's going to turn into yet another universe/era debate.



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