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Las Venturas Speed Test


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Here is the method:


The intersection of the slip road that leads from the Creek safehouse onto the Julius Thruway East, just under a victim billboard

Every car starts in exactly the same position, front wheels on a white marker line at base of a triangle shape

When in game clock strikes :00 ACCELERATE

Do one complete circuit of the Julius Thruway keeping foot on the gas for the entire run

Finish Line is the bridge directly in front of starting point

Traffic is set to minimum before start of each run

In each run there were no scrapes, skids, bumps or anything that would affect time



Here are the results so far:


Infernus 1:42

Hotring racer 1:45

Bullet 1:51

Turismo 1:55

Police 2:08

Admiral 2:16

PCJ-600 2:19

Fortune 2:21

Washington 2:25

BF-400 2:26

Cadrona 2:29

Yosemite 2:34

Primo 2:36



I have done quite a lot of the mid and low card but just posted a select few for now


Will edit and post the complete results once done them all (as long as at least a couple people are interested biggrin.gif)

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