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So I'm replaying GTA3 for the millionth time, and I'm just collecting some cars for the EVC (Emergency Vehicles Crane).


I delivered the police car, then an ambo, and then I died. Next I got four stars and took an Enforcer, but when I got back to the EVC, the magnet wasn't there. I don't recall recieving a reward for the ambo either, so I'm guessing the magnet is stuck somewhere -__-


The magnet hasn't just happened to go invisible either; I leave the Enforcer in the yellow stripe zone, and it doesn't go anywhere.


Anybody come across this before? I'm playing the Xbox version.

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Has simply saving, turning off the console and then turning it back on helped? This should usually clear any non-garage cars from memory and reset the strings for the Crane, etc.


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Reset the console first thing after it happened (after saving, of course; probably a bad idea sad.gif ) to no avail. It's still gone.

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