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Screen Wobble Areas


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This is a problem that I have been since long time. When I first play this game with minimum requirement of 64MB VGA, whole map was wobbling almost all of time. Also there were some areas that wobble very rapidly. Driving or fighting in those areas are really difficult. But after I upgraded VGA to 256MB which is well above recommended, screen doesn't wobble like before in most areas. How ever, still there are areas that always wobble when driving and those areas are exactly same like before I had great troubles with driving and fighting. Some of those areas are,


1.) Near Jefferson

2.) Main Ballas Territory which CJ and Sweet go to spray tags

3.) The beach area near stadium at Los Santos.

4.) Near TV station.

5.) Near Four Dragon Casino area (This area has a very high screen wobble compared to others).

6.) Near Fort Carson (Close to safe house)


There are many more, but I can't remember all of those. How ever, other areas are normal so can drive or fight without any trouble of screen wobbling. First I thought the reason for those are low VGA card and RAM. But now I suspect there might be other reasons. So is this normal to any PC with having recommended requirements or still a problem with VGA.


Note : I forgot, screen always wobble with every molotov and fire spreading. Once again is this normal?

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You should try the Steam version, it seems like it is better optimized for PC, as it must have been updated since it is V3 and the DVD version is V2? To back up this, I have a Intel I5 @2.93GHZ, 6GB Ram, an ATI Radeon HD5470 w/512mb dedicated vram and an Intel HD video card with up to 3223mb vram(Switchable Graphics), and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and with the DVD version(V2) the game stutters quite a bit-even on Low and Medium settings, but with the Steam version, I have the game maxed out and it is extremely smooth with no fps drops...I have the Frame Limiter ON, and it never moves off of 26fps-with frame limiter OFF, it goes between 40-110 fps...more to come.....

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