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Northern Algonquin has long been plagued with poverty, drugs and crime. The ugly backside to the financial capital of the world, it's neighborhoods live in the shadow of the downtown skyscrapers, both literally and figuratively. Holland suffers from unemployment rates higher than the Liberty City average and foreclosures during the recent economic downturn hit the neighborhoods hard. The results have crippled the local economy. Street crime has increased, as has homelessness. Drug dealers are on every street corner and abandon buildings burn to the ground. Veteran police and fire officials are scattering to other departments. It has gotten to the point where it threatens everyone who calls the area home.


In 2012, residents of Holland demanded change. Local leaders lobbied the city council and helped push through an experiment plan to bolster Northern Algonquin's emergency services. The city has flooded the East Holland Police department and fire department with a crop of low-cost rookies. Dozens of new patrol officers, firefighters and paramedics, hoping the quantity of personnel will make up for lack of quality. A force that may turn the tide and fight back.


As EMS personnel patrol, fight fires and help fallen citizens, the seedier elements continue their activities. Who will be victorious?



The Department is a Roleplaying community based on the emergency services in Liberty City. Players will serve as police, fire and medical personnel, performing routine tasks in Northern Algonquin and throughout city to make lives safer for its citizens. But not every call is routine. The success and failure of The Department will depend on how players perform during a wide array of life-threatening scenarios.





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Every Saturday - 4 p.m PST, 7 p.m. EST, 00:00 GMT (riday Morning), 10:00 EDT (Sunday, Australia)

Playing blocks are two hours long. All games are played with GTA IV on the Playstation Network

Mics are strongly suggested. The ability to quickly coordinate is important. Folks without mics can still join, but ability to participate may be limited.


More days and times may be added.



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- No EMS personnel is allowed to break traffic laws unless responding to a call.

- When on a call, vehicular and property damage resulting directly from EMS actions must be reported and is subject to review.

- Any pedestrian or civilian injuries is must be reported and is subject to review.

- Any civilian casualties or gunshot injuries during an operation is subject to automatic review and possible demotion.

- If a gun is pulled on a criminal or EMS personnel, that person must respond reasonably in accordance with the scenario.



Police may carry either a pistol or standard shotgun.

Swat may carry pistols, M4, Sniper.

Fire and EMS cannot carry weapons. They can "pick up" a fallen police officer's pistol in dire situations.

Only swat members wear Bulletproof vests.




- If a player dies, the character dies. Characters only have one life, so players should value it as they would their own life. If possible, live to fight another day.

- All EMS personnel must seek medical attention if shot or injured. If health is below half, officer can no longer run (press x). If health is red, officer can't move unless being evac'd.

- If EMS can move, either a police officer or paramedic can drive to hospital. If critical, only a paramedic can drive.

- Avoid picking up health unless at a hospital.

- If your character dies during the roleplay session, you can return as a generic patrol cop, firefighter or paramedic rookie. You must create a new character for future roleplays.




Each RP session, key roles need to be filled to ensure a quality game and a proper chain of command.


Department Commander (000) - Highest ranking RPer. Commands all EMS personnel.

Patrol Captain – Highest ranking patrol officer. Works the streets and takes charge during low level criminal situations.

Patrol Officer – Patrols the streets, observing for criminal activity and responding to calls

Swat Commander (sss) - Only Police Chief can activate SWAT. Responds to high-risk criminal encounters. SWAT can also serve as an undercover strike unit.

Swat Member – Works as a team alongside the SWAT commander.


Paramedic (ppp) – responds to calls for medical attention.

Fire (fff) – responds to calls for fire and vehicular damage.


Air Support (hhh) – Serves as police patrol, SWAT, observation and medical evac. May also assist Criminal operations scenario setup.


Criminal operations – conducts minor or major criminal violations. They may also set up minor incidents as a civilian for EMS response.



Quick Call System

The Department will use a text chat room to simulate dispatch. Typing in a quick call into the RP Chat will automatically call desired service to your location. Once called, you should stay in position so desired services can locate incident quickly. Follow with more detailed dispatch if possible.


(911) Closest patrol officer not engaged should respond to basic call.

(999) Backup requested.

(000) Police Chief needed on scene.

(SSS) SWAT needed on scene.

(PPP) Paramedic needed on scene.

(FFF) Fire needed on scene.

(HHH) Air Support or EVAC needed on scene







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Ranks are attained through continued or exemplary service. Promotions are issued by higher ranking roleplayers in your character's department.


Commander – Veteran, decorated, elite roleplayer.

Colonel - Mastered managing multiple personnel in strategic ways.

Major – Mastered managing multiple personnel in strategic ways.

Captain – Shows ability to manage multiple personnel in strategic ways.

Lieutenant – Lower level commander, Lieutenants show excellent leadership potential.

Sergeant – Quality patrol officers are promoted to sergeant, the minimum rank to have rookies ride along and to be a member of the SWAT team.

Corporal – A rank quickly attained by talented and reliable rookies.

Rookie – All new members enter the service as rookies.



Police Department


PSN AccountCharacterDivisionRankAwardsStoneHead37vinvega56Eric MichaelsPoliceCaptain IIIIICommendation medalajbns87ajbns87Alex PetrovicPoliceSergeant IIINoneAlaannnnheadshot_faktoriJay EdwardsPoliceSergeant IIINonemason.acemasonchanceMason McNeilPoliceCorporal IINonecnrdrncnrdrnRon GinsbergPoliceCorporal IICommendation medalAoGjrAoGjrFrank TenpennyPoliceCorporal IINoneGOUSN1776GOUSN1776Jack T.R.PoliceCorporal IINonexlimonxxlimonx888Mike MyersPoliceRookieNoneSoT_AgentSoT_AgentNathan GraysonPoliceRookieNoneciaran474ciaran474John MacTavishPoliceRookieNoneEDMEISTERXAssassinman555Warren ColemanPoliceRookieNoneRichKidSODMGKG345Said HussienPoliceRookieNone


Fire Department


PSN AccountCharacterDivisionRankAwardsk-willisk-willisBobby HillFireLieutenant IIIICommendation MedalKooly_KidK_JAM1Vernan StevensMedicalRookieNoneTheClefeTheClefeRudolph GreerMedicalRookieNoneFallen Department Members


PSN AccountCharacterDivisionRankAwardsRIPTheClefeTheClefeHarold WrightPoliceLieutenant IIIIUltimate SacrificeKIAxJAMES_JRxxJAMES_JRxJames IrwingPoliceRookieUltimate SacrificeKIATheClefeTheClefeTed JohnsonPoliceCorporal IINoneuser posted image

Players can earn commendations for acts of bravery, heroism or exemplary service during roleplay sessions. Here are some common awards issued:


Medal of Valor -Awarded to a member who, intelligently and in the line of police duty, performs an act of gallantry and valor above and beyond the call of duty, at imminent personal hazard to life and with knowledge of the risk.


Award of Excellence - Awarded to a member who performs an act or a series of acts over a period of time which demonstrate a high degree of professional excellence through the success of difficult police projects, programs, investigations, or situations but which involve no personal hazard to the member.


Commendation medal – Exemplary work during a roleplay.


Medal of Ultimate Sacrifice - Awarded to the family of any sworn member who dies while in the lawful performance of police duty. This award is intended to recognize the family for their sacrifices over the years in support of their loved one's chosen profession. The member shall be eligible posthumously for any other awards that may be appropriate.




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GtaF Username Response
PSN Username Response
Character Name Response
Division Police, Fire or Medical
Character Background Response
Why did you join the academy? Response
[tableb][color=white]GtaF Username[/color][color=white]Response[/color][color=white]PSN Username[/color] [color=white]Response[/color] [color=white]Character Name[/color] [color=white]Response[/color] [color=white]Division[/color][color=white]Police, Fire or Medical[/color] [color=white]Character Background[/color] [color=white]Response[/color] [color=white]Why did you join the academy?[/color][color=white]Response[/color] [/tableb]





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Q. It’s my first Department roleplay. What do I do?

A. Depending on your job, play out doing the actions your job requires. If you’re a police officer, patrol the neighborhoods for NPC and player-based crime. Set up a speed trap for traffic violators, chase off prostitutes or hunt for fire code violations. Just always be ready to respond to a call.


Q. How do I get on the SWAT team?

A. You need to attain the rank of Sergeant to be selected for the SWAT team. The SWAT team is used for intense combat or sensitive scenarios, among other tasks. Understanding of the RP rules and a proven ability to coordinate with other players is necessary. Just like a rookie, prove yourself early and you’ll be on the fast track to this elite squad.


Q. I want to play as a police and firefighter. Can I?

A. Players can have as many characters as they want. You can have two characters doing the different jobs or the same job. During a roleplay session, you can only act as one character throughout, but you can alternate from one session to another.


Q. I made a new character. Do my awards and rank carry over?

A. No. As a player, you can have multiple characters, but their accomplishments don’t carry over.


Q. My character died during a call. What now?

A. Just like real life, if your character has died during a shootout, car wreck, fire rescue or more, he is gone. Your family will get you medal during the funeral. If you die during a roleplay, you may come back as a generic person to finish out the session. You can then create a new character for the next session.









Legs- 8 or 4





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Wow , good work theclefe.


I don't personally see the appeal of 'roleplay' , but I wish you luck with this


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Thanks man. I can understand how folks may not find an appeal in roleplaying. I feel like a good roleplay is like DLC. An extension of a storyline. GTA is so detailed, with so many complexities that it is a great platform for roleplaying. I see alleys that would be cool for an ambush, neighborhoods where cops can chase down criminals, buildings where we can simulate hostage situations, etc. It takes a little more work, but in the right hands folks can craft storylines just as interesting as Rockstar for a better price (free!)


I've been yearning for doing something on the roleplaying side of things. Groups for the PSN keep popping up and fading here. K-Willis and I ran a few EMS scenarios during Mayhem's RP and it worked out well. Unlike other more all-encompassing role plays, this is a lot more focused so we can run it with 3 or 16 people. We'll see if folks are interested.

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I'm interested in this. icon14.gif


But what do the cops do?


I mean without crooks about?

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I'm interested in this. icon14.gif


But what do the cops do?


I mean without crooks about?

its based on senarioes... so i think that some people will be crooks if they want to be. cops can also pull over regular playing people and the people in the game. i know ive seen plenty of people run red lights and stuff.

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K-willis try not to double posts the staff don't appreciate it,

Try and use the EDIT button located on the top right of your post.


But thanks for the info.

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K-Willis is right. We will have 1-2 people who will serve as crooks each session. So in the two hour block, you might catch one for speeding, starting bar fights and getting in trouble. They will also light fires and set accidents for the fire department to respond to. They will play key roles in larger scenerios like bank robberies, cross city car chases, etc. They are nameless. They might get arrested several times or killed a few times, driving the storyline for the EMS players to react to.


Just a note. The first session is Thursday, Feb 9th. That should give us a few days to recruit people.

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GtaF Usernamek-willisPSN Username k-willis Character Name Bobby Hill DivisionFire or Medical Character Background fresh out of the academy, Bobby Hill is ready to go. Why did you join the academy?couldnt see myself doing anything else
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GtaF UsernameKooly_KidPSN Username K_JAM1 Character Name Vernan Stevens DivisionMedical Character Background Loves to save people.Has 2 kids and a wife Why did you join the academy?I always wanted a government job and they pay good so I can help my family
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k-willis - I've added you and gave you the rank of Lt. Since we've played together before and have a good feel for each other, you should be in command of the fire division for the first roleplay or two. Especially considering I'll probably be in Criminal Ops the first few roleplays. If you don't like it, we can eventually promote others as they prove themselves.


Kooly_Kid - Welcome. I am hoping that medical folks will play a very important role is this roleplay, so it's good to have someone from the start. I'm expecting a lot of injuries, with the our police and NPC.


With two stong lifesavers already, I'm already thinking up some excellent scenerios. Lets keep recruiting!


To everyone, make an attempt to start remembering some of the street names in Northern Algonquin. It might come in handy.

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Hi there looks very interesting I would like to join here's my app:


Gtaf username:xlimonx

Psn username:xlimonx888

Division: police officer (cop)

Character name : mike Myers

Character background : I think everyone knows that one aha:)

Why did you join the academy? I've always liked being a cop since I was a kid bringing pce and safety

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Welcome xlimonx.


Uber, what position would you like? Cop, Fire or Medical?



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Still set for this Thursday. Still looking for a few more people, but we can still have fun with the folks we have. Briefing memo should be out in the next few days.

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Before each roleplay the LCPD Central issues memos and briefs before shifts. These updates could outline major operations during the session, things to look our for on the street. These will often be geared to the personel expected to be participating each session.




North Algonquin Department Briefing

Gametime - Thursday Feb 9th - 6 p.m PST, 9 p.m. EST, 2 A.M. GMT (Friday Morning)


- Tip line calls regarding drug related activities along Frankfort Ave has increased. Patrols should focus on disrupting and, when possible, arresting suspects in possession of narcotics.


- Protests in Middle Park have escalated over the last few months. Occupy Liberty City has long been evicted, but anarchist elements has threatened violence. Last week LCPD arrested two men with Molotov cocktails in the vicinity of the park. If called or observed, do not intervene unless fire support is present if possible.

- Air support will be unavailable today.


- FIB reports an increased number of car bomb reports after a vendor thwarted an attempt in Star Junction last year. Almost all have been fals alarms, but appropriate services should continue to respond.


- Traffic signals along Galveston Ave have been experiencing problems over the last 24-hours. Several accidents were reported during the prior shift, with three involving injuries.


Personnel Report - None

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tonights rp was good with just 2 people. i think if we had more people playing it would be really good. me and theclefe worked some kinks out and saw that the system actually works. come on people hit it up!

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Roleplay report



- Firefighters responded to a multi car accident on Cod Row. No injuries reported.


- A car drove through the front of the Movie Pit on Exeter Ave., injuring one and causing significant damage. Fire Truck 1 and Ambulance 12 responded, clearing the scene and transporting the victim to Holland Hospital Center.


- Police responded to a protested causing a disturbance and threatening tourists in Middle Park at the intersection of Nickel and Frankfort. Protester was throwing Molotov cocktails at vehicles and EMS personnel. Three units from the Middle Park East Police Department responded. Unable to subdue the protester, they open fired after he was set two officers on fire. Sergeant Terry Hancock and Rookie Michael Briggs received severe burns over most of their body. Fire Truck 1 from the North Holland Department responded, led by Lt. Bobby Hill. Truck 1 was able to douse the flames on two police vehicles before becoming extensively damaged.


- Officials responded to another suspicious package in Star Junction. Witnesses reported a bomb on a bus near Cluckin’ Bell. After an investigation, nothing was found.


- A man was shot on Frankfort Ave. Near the North Holland project. EMS personnel treated the man on scene. No suspect has been found in the shooting.


Character DevelopmentPromotions




Lt. Bobby Hill is awarded a Liberty City Commendation Medal for his actions on February 9th, 2012. As a suspect attacked and injured several police officers and civilians, Lt. Hill led his unit into harms way, extinguishing multiple fires to save lives and prevent damage to city property.



Sgt. Terry Hancock - Killed in Action

Rookie Michael Briggs - Killed in Action


Had a lot of fun tonight. Uber, get your game back. If you do want to get a life RP started, I'll be happy to help. Then I can run a department RP in your game to interact with the life RPers. Edited by theclefe
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Hey Clefe it's me Agent from the TBoGT RP.So I was thinkin' since you guys are playin in my RP server I thougth up a little scenario for you boys:


-The riots in Middle Park have calmed down,but now the riots have been starting up in Meadovs Park.The group of rioteers are being controled by an unknown man.The unknown man's second in charge is hiding in an apartment in Savvanah Ave,which due to the riot's is blocked.The LCPD will have to move in through the park.


-Recently many reports of kidnapping have been reported in Alderney City and Berchem.Out of 7 total kidnappings 6 we're false alerts.1 was true though,so there should be some patrols.


-There are some sayings that alot of contraband will be smuggled into Port Tudor.Noone knows if the sayings are true,but the rumors come from a gang source.Some one should investigate that.


-There is a highly dangerous illegal package stashed in a warehouse in Bohan Industrial.Noone knows if it's guarded or not,so proceed with caution.



So there's my thougth up scenarios.I'm not signed up for you'r RP,but you Clefe wanna play in mine so as a welcome gift I give you these scenarios.See ya in LC!

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Those look awesome, mate. I have a ton in mind also. I'll definitly sprinkle these into the briefings over the next few sessions. You could certainly take a turn as a Criminal Ops guys with us too. Basically, you set a scenario like this in motion and the EMS Roleplayers have to respond. So for example, the riots might be hard to simulate but kidnapping and smugglers are a great addition. I especially like the Protect the Diplomat idea they are doing on the XBox. Hopefully we can build up the PS3 RPing core over the next few months.

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Those look awesome, mate. I have a ton in mind also. I'll definitly sprinkle these into the briefings over the next few sessions. You could certainly take a turn as a Criminal Ops guys with us too. Basically, you set a scenario like this in motion and the EMS Roleplayers have to respond. So for example, the riots might be hard to simulate but kidnapping and smugglers are a great addition. I especially like the Protect the Diplomat idea they are doing on the XBox. Hopefully we can build up the PS3 RPing core over the next few months.

Sure I can be a Criminal,but on the riot scene I wanna be sometin like a cop.So I thougth of how stuff will be goin' for my scenarios.


Scenario 1:I was thinking that the rioters could be armed with guns and explosives,not molotovs,because the medicals and firemen could be rioters-for-a-day.I was thinking that 2-4 cops show to the scene and head down to Savvanah Ave through the park dealing with rioters.There is a enterable building in Savvanah Ave,that's where the second-in-charge guy will be holed up in.Savvanah Ave has to be blocked with firetrucks.The Rigth Hand Man (RHM) tries to escape through the rooftops(you can go to the roofs in Savvanah Ave).


Scenario 2:The kiddnapping is like this:dude aims gun at RP'er.Leads RP'er to a car,drives him to his base and the cops secretly follow him to the base,where they free the other people.


Scenario 3:There is an enterable warehouse in Port Tudor.That's where some people will be located.Bassically one cop has to make his way to the office up top and oversees all the contraband registered in Port Tudor.


Scenario 4:This is where it ties itself all together now.In the warehouse on the top office there is a evil doctor (teh big villain.I'll play that evil doctor).He has a bodyguard with him and a bussines associate talking with the bad guy.So turns out their trying to develop sometin' big (quite generic,eh?).The riots we're just a distraction,kidnapping was for getting free labour,the contraband is parts for the big WMD.(Generic City.Population=The Plot.lol. biggrin.gif )


I agree about the diplomat.That could lead to some intersting scenarios.

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GTAF Username


PSN Username


Character Name

Eric Michaels



Character Background

Finishing at the top of his class at the police academy, Eric Michaels is ready to hit the streets and stop crime in its tracks.

Why did you join the academy?

I see it as an opportunity to meet new people and to get back to my regular GTA IV routine.

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Welcome aboard Stonehead. I love seeing another cop on the beat. Cops are the primary patrollers, so the more we have out there, the more action there is. Joining the Damned helped get me back into GTA, so hopefully this can get you back!



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My PSN ID is Neonic9.


I've never seriously roleplayed online before, so do excuse me if I'm not on time or don't have my mic working.


I'm not sure what time zone I'm in. I live in Melbourne, Australia so is that EST?


Anyway, I would like to fill whatever role you feel is under-populated.


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