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Sometimes I leave the forum and do not remember where I have been exactly. Is there a function to mark the exact place ?

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At the top of the topic there is a link called 'Track this topic' just hit that then when you close and reopen GTAF you can go right to the bottom of the far left list and all the topics will be there.


You may want to change email settings too. if I remember correctly by default it will send an email to you for every new post in the topic so I advise you turn that off.

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Not sure if I have the same idea as this fellow, but there is a similar issue I feel should be addressed.


When I have just started browsing GTAF and get called away or preoccupied for over 10 or 15 minutes without clicking any links, when I come back all the posts from before I logged in are marked as read. This is a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes. Is there any way to fix this?


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You can also bookmark them...
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