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venting thoughts and feelings


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Hi GTA fans. First time posting a topic because there is soooooooooo many! I honestly have been thinking for ages what to post as a new topic. There are useless topics, depressing ones and even REPEATED ones. So i thought why not create a main topic where all gta 5 fans who have been here since the HATE started (beginning to mid jan) can vent their true thoughts and feelings on the current situation.

BTW...before locking this thread saying its not gta related....well it is. we need this topic as basic therapy for the fans who are unhappy, angry, impatient or even happy with the news or lack of it, of gta 5.



i will admit i dont have much of a life which i blame the current economy for especially where i live, as there are zero jobs for people with basic skills. Thus no money so i cant go out much! although lately i started an english, maths and computer course as to improve my skills also to stop me being bored in the house. I am 1 of those who doesn't know what career or life he wants yet and it stresses me out. im sure a lot of people here are or have been in this position.(sorry for a life story but i need to get the point across so this topic makes sence).So because of this, some days this forum is all i have for entertainment, call it socialising and news on my fav game but when i come here i see no news. This makes me a little sad as some news gives me hope and makes me a little happier upon reading it(GAY i know). All i see is anger and depression on this forum, SO TO THE POINT. This is for the people to share thoughts and feelings of gta, a sort of blowing off steam....not gas colgate.gif.Hopefully this could give a sense of hope in people until the release of some good info or up until release. Thanks for reading, now lets get the ball rolling!


And please dont take the piss, this is a serious topic that i hope is successful. if any anger vent it through this topic.

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I have no job as well and i sit at home all the time. I check this forum out a lot of times each day.



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