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Guess the mission

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user posted image


As you (might) know there're "Guess the mission" games in GTA San Andreas's forum, GTA Vice City's forum and GTA III's forum. All of them are made by miromiro. So all the credits go to miromiro for the idea.


The DYOM version


This is a game where a random designer posts either a picture or a description of any mission of a mission pack or storyline in the DYOM: Missions section. But because we've over 16.000 missions and 400 storylines in the DYOM Database, you've to mention the designer of the mission.

If your guess is right then you 'll get 1 point.



I 'll use almost the same rules as miromiro, credits to him again. So here are the rules:


    • Don't post more than max 3 pictures, more pictures will make the designer's turn to get deleted.
    • If someone posts a picture and the first three answers are wrong, the designer that posted the picture could give a hint. Such like "it's hard, you need to use stealth, etc.".
    • When you take a picture on your PC, don't rename it as 'the-runaway-mission1.jpg', because some designers will just press the 'Quote' key and see the code.
    • When you upload your picture, please do not make it bigger than 640x480 pixels.
    • Do not make multiple answers in a posting for a single question. One guess per posting.
    • Someone posted a picture. You answered. Someone else said his opinion too, but after that don't post again until the person that posted the picture says if any of the answers are correct or not.
    • No passing. This is clearly. So, you're not allowed to say 'I pass', to pass over your turn, just other to post again and you to get points. Give them all a chance. So, if it's your turn than it's your turn.
    • No double posts. Yes, no need to double post, before the person that posted the description or picture says any of the answers are correct or not.
    • Do NOT edit your image! And don't write anything on it. Maybe some designers have good skills to edit images, and can trick others, so please don't do it. You'd just steal other player's fun.
Have fun with this game biggrin.gif Edited by ThaBoY

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You have to jump from a tall building.

Designer: Arejai


Which mission is it?

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