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Episodes VS Lost and the Damned


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Seems to me Ballad, the second attempt I did playing GTA IV EfLC on PC (I bought GTA IV for console and firstly, Episodes for PC only, then for XB360 as well)


Using Asus P45 chipset mobo, two graphics cards; a 512MB 8600GT, and a 1GB ATI Radeon 5450, I got really slow, painful speed out of Ballad of Gay Tony



Anyone find they have to drop their levels on recommended graphics boards, and which settings do the most good? Nighttime shadows is off by default, and I ran settings at mid-range, even though this boards are dated, they are still recommended spec for Rockstar North.


BTW, the TITLE of this thread is comparing Lost and Damned to Ballad of Gay Tony, not Episodes which is both DLC as you know, I just made a bo-bo typing that in

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i have been thinking about this for a while. i think the reason lost runs faster on some machines than tbogt is lost uses less colors of the palette. all those vivid color polygons have to be shaded and that means more data to be calculated (not sure about this). i am thinking its like the grayscale vs vs RGB/CMYK photoshop image file sizes for lack of a precise analogy (that makes sense). less color, less data.

p45 is a socket 775 chipset right? the lowest ranked video card i could get TBOGT to run at 30 fps and look decent at 1024x768 was 9800gt. i am positive rockstar toronto did something to the engine overall to make TBOGT dog out the old intel quad cores (which ran GTA IV fine)

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Seems I need to run the setting low across the board, but how about resolutions? I'm using DVI to HDMI for one card, the other has HDMI support, but is not set up driver wise at the moment, the monitor is my 32inch 1080P possible, so I tried the higher resolutions first with the mid settings for effects.


I have one chipset 1156 as I mentioned, using an i3 CPU, but I am still feeling before using that I'd sell and get Ivy Bridge, so yeah, not having GTA IV original for PC is something I've looked into remedying

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resolutions would need to be low irregardless with those systems. but the CPU needs to be up to snuff to see a benefit either way (for changing using different resolutions). its like rock paper scissors (jan ken pon for those that know)

set vehicles to one, night shadows off, shadows low, detail distances to 10 or lower

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